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Discussion in 'Petitions' started by CdoTaff, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. Borrowed from OAMAAM but let's get is signed:
    I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?
    Click this link to sign the petition:
    https://petition.parliament.uk/petition ... 07c2NKCfU1
    My petition:
    Make it Illegal to wear service medals that you have not been awarded.
    I am a Veteran of the Northern Ireland troubles and the Falklands War 1982. In both conflicts I lost friends. They did not see the medals that they had earned. It annoys me to see anybody wearing medals that they have not earned. I find it disrespectful to my friends and all the others who gave all.
    We are asked to sign a blank cheque, up to the value of our life. For this we may get a medal. To see somebody walking around wearing medals, who didn't serve or sign on, is disgusting. They have never put their life on the line. They have never been on active service and faced the enemy. Why should they be allowed to bring contempt upon the uniform of somebody who has come forward and protected the people of this country.
    Click this link to sign the petition:
    https://petition.parliament.uk/petition ... 07c2NKCfU1
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  2. Fully supported and signed
  3. Signed :)

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  4. Good petition, great idea................signed
  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

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  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    My medal rack has two 'unusual' features that may get the beady eyed Medal Polizei all puffed up and indignant. I can explain to a polite enquirer but would not feel the need to justify myself to demanding knob jockeys.

    I knew a baby faced baby Stoker who had two campaign medals when he started basic training. That caused some exploding heads from some medaless Seniors and Officers.
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  7. I thought it was already a criminal offence to wear medals not entitled too!!

    Evidently its buried somewhere in the 'Armed Forces Act 2006'

    (Haven't found the regulation yet!!!!!)
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  8. You're not the first:https://www.navy-net.co.uk/community/threads/misuse-of-medals-stop-the-walts.43532/
  9. Done!
  10. Shouldn't Edward be @ the top of the Pile.
  11. And his sister!!! Standby for incoming from our female members!!

    *Cant seem to find any info regarding her time in the fleet**
  12. I've seen a picture of her in uniform somewhere. Wet Blobby's avatar perhaps?:D
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  13. Yep, she loves her fancy dress :)
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  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Medals are not only awarded for bravery and campaigning. The much mocked Prince Edward is hardly alone in not completing CTCRM.

    As it is he's on the Navy List in the rank of Commodore RFA and holding the appointment of Commodore in Chief RFA. It's all his Mum's train set.
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  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    It is. That won't stop the outrage bus full of blazer wearing Medal Police.

    A Remembrance Sunday or two ago I clocked a civilian attired bemedalled chap in my local. His gongs and ribbons didn't look kosher but I concerned myself no further.

    In the course of the afternoon it became clear that he was a Dane and his
    medals were Danish. Fluent English, no accent, just the odd aside in Danish to one of his oppos. I bet the Walt Hunters would have embarrassed themselves.

    I wasn't wearing my VC, KG, DSO*** and Queen Victoria's Coronation Medal. Modesty prohibits.
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  16. A nightmare for the people detailed off to be the Legal Draftsmen.

    Differention between medals awarded by Gazette and other:-
    War Medals
    Campaign Medals
    Ceremonial Medals
    Apart from the legal recipients
    Who else can legally wear them. Widows and Widowers Left or Right Hand Side Full size or Miniature
    When will they be permitted to wear them
    If someone is suspected of wearing medals to which they are not entitled How will it be proved in a Court of Law.
    The Data Protection Act stands in the way obtaining information on others.
    A good idea, in theory, to punish those masquerading as others but impossible to achieve, sadly.
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  17. Rather too many medals issued today perhaps?
    The Naval GSM one medal many Clasps--Now many medals.
  18. I do have a third medal, given to me by my youngest son as I left the mob, he picked it up at a jumble sale, why, obviously thought I deserved a medal? One of those star shaped ones, not mine, so in a toy box the last time I saw it?

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