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Walt Question


A friend of mine was chatting to a local in his pub who claims to be a submariner. He doesn't believe him and asked me if there was a question that he could ask him that would prove that he was or wasn't a submariner. After a bit of thought I came up with "what are the contents of a red cross locker?". I said that most people would assume it was a first aid locker and reply with some first aid stuff. A submariner would reply with a list that included "a chisel ended wheel spanner". So to my question. Is this a valid question for all classes of boats (looking to the old timers here) or can someone come up with a better question that would cover all classes.


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Red cross locker would work or ask him when he did SETT or passed his Part 3 and on what boat.


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I reckon that should probably do it...BIBS hull vv location could be another one that al SM's should know.


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No need for embarrassing questions ...should be able to determine with astute observation...
If he has mildew on his shoes ...reeks of diesel ....and climbs in and out of his car through the sunroof...he's OK....



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Cheers for mentioning the pig BNM, my PTSD has started again!!!!



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The Words Of Purchase, do they still call em that? ( one from the Bomb shop, to send a shiver up the spine)


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Firstly, may I just say how impressed I am that anyone would want to pretend to be a sundoger!

Secondly, I could not possibly have recounted the contents of the Red Cross locker - though the mention of the 'chisel ended wheel spanner' did jog a couple of the brain cells!

Just ask him what type of sweeties the Cox'n used to dish out when he was restocking the escape compartments .......................


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Just show him a picture of the Sun and a bar of soap. If he tells you what they are, he's a walt.


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The Words Of Purchase, do they still call em that? ( one from the Bomb shop, to send a shiver up the spine)

GOD - I hated him! he was my (indirect) boss at one stage in DOLPHIN. Tosser.

Then on a boat he came riding on, he got a 'very upset tummy' and none of the other riders did!

Nothing wrong with TWOPs though!


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Ask your sun-dodging mate who his favourite Grocer is. If he says;

..then he's a ******* liar because everybody knows that it's;

Firstly, may I just say how impressed I am that anyone would want to pretend to be a sundoger!.....
Oddly enough, as a Baby sailor in Dolphin in 63/64, and in the days that we had to go on liberty in uniform, one of the other Juniors (a Chris S***** - sadly killed in a car crash a few years later and who eventually did end up in Boats), used to change his tally from 'Dolphin' to 'HM Subs' after getting off the Liberty boat at Kings Stairs or Vernon. So it's not unheard of to have someone who walts - although that wasn't the term used in those days, I think.
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