Walt Mitty still out there

Walter Mitty aka "Jake bullsh*t Cohen" is surpriseingly ressurected from the dead and still claiming to have been serving until August 07, when he was medic out. He was by then a captain and had been SBS. He somehow managed to serve for the Brits and the USMC.
Not only has he been found out again but apparently this time he left a huge paper trail behind as well as a lap top, which his partner handed over to police after he said he was going to commit suicide and it was discovered that he had been lying to her and his "buddies" in USA, telling them he was dying of cancer.
Apparently he is wanted all over the country by police for all sorts of things and it is only a matter of time till this one truely does RIP.

Ah my heart bleeds not !

As for the little lady I hope she finds better and good on her for helping police with their enquiries.

Hwo knows he is proberbly still out there looking at this site so be sure you check things out, not everyone is who they say they are.
The mists are clearing, some guy going round US veterans websites and/or VFAs (Their RBL) and claiming extensive Underwater Knife Fighting experience.
He was known on this site as "Jewishscotsman"

Just wanted to let people know that he might be about to get what he deserves.

Sorry about the spelling but the brain is on holiday and forgot to take me with it.
ex_rubberdagger said:
Backpacker1uk said:
redassnotdragass said:
Backpacker1uk said:
The usage of the Queens English is still crap!!
Do you not mean Queen's?
Well spotted that man!!

You have one tonight's star prize. A luxury holiday for two in Luton
I'd rather stick hot pokers in both eyes mate!!
And the spelling mistake was not spotted ! Stand's back in amazement!

The world is full of Walter's chap from bomber command tell's me that they pop up nopw and then claiming to have flown many missions over Germany. Five minutes talking and they are exposed. That is the same with most Walt's about five minutes is all it takes!
It just makes me wonder what these guys say now when down the legion they are confronted with a guy who was wounded or made limbless by events in Iraq or Afghanistan. "Royal are yer?. 'Ardest game in the world mate, only I was a tail gunner meself, on 633 sqn when me pilot flew us into a dam, I popped out the back and landed in the river and swam 'ome, went awol and only didnt get court martialled on account of them needin me to swim into dunkirk...."
Ahem.... I remember contacting the police trying to get help for Jewishscotsman when he said he was going to drink himself to death due to suffering flashbacks. Then we discovered he was not dead at all on RR. Then we learned that he was not Scottish, the worst of all we learned he was not Jewish, but then again who knows?

Personally I suspect s/he is Pte Golden.....
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