Walt dead ahead Sir!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by the_matelot, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Now who could this possibly be??? (NSFW) :wink:


    Would the guilty party have the courage to out themselves?? Or will it have to be done for them?

    Only she can decide....

    Top tip, do not fcuking lie. You will, and have been, found out.
  2. Hmmm, I think I know, but perhaps you'd better post a chuff shot too, just so that I can be sure! :wink:
  3. you are a moderator TM - or at least that is the meaning I give to those letters of the alphabet underneath your name which obviously has no significance for you - this is pathetic
  4. With GR on this one -
  5. Me too mate. Lets Moderate the Mods!!

  6. What's this all about?
  7. ??????????
    RoofRat :cry:
  8. Matelot whats the script with this?

    The link is a picture of a woman with her tits out (and a very nice picture it is too!!) - But in what way does that make her a Walt?

    To be honest, if this is a regular Rum Ration punter, then definitely DO NOT put her name against this!! As much as curiosity is getting the better of me, Id still rather protect her identity if its going to cause upset or embarrassment.

    What ever happened to looking after our own mate?

  9. In what way is she a Walt?
    Has she claimed to have saved the world single handedly, or did she really need a bit of help?
  10. with spenny on this one T_M........look after your own.
  11. If you name and shame you break the [fairly lax] rules for this board and I will delete it
  12. This is getting interesting now. We all want to know why to Walt Dead Ahead title was used.

  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm with you SF why why why????
  14. Don't get me wrong here, its none of my business who it is and I don't want to know if its someone who uses the site, but its a lovely picture and it has cheered me right up on a crap Tuesday morning :) :)
  15. Nice way to start the New Year :D [​IMG]
  16. Nice picture but why is she a walt?What is the point of this thread?Most of the voters want the person's identity revealed-so just do it.
  17. Agree its a good picture mate, but it sounds like this is a personal dig and therefore has no fckn place here on the forum for all to see.

    The people who are voting YES, are most likely visitors to the site and not regulars. This is apparent from the majority of the posts on this thread, which are against the persons name being given.

    Besides if you cant see her face, how can you believe it is who The Matelot thinks it is?
  18. I would imagine that the Matelot got the picture from another site and doctored it to hide the face. However it does seem to me to be a personal vendetta that the Matelot has with someone on the site. Posing for a photograph with your boobs out does not make you a Walt.
    If whoever it is wishes to show her hand then fine, after all the original picture would make an avatar to be proud of. However if said person wishes to remain anonymous her wishes should be respected.
    As someone else said, "Who's moderating the mods" guess this one is down to Goodco & Badco
  19. How do we know its a woman though? It could be any of us. Well not me, obviously, but it could be anybody!
  20. You can't put naked phots of yourself on the web and expect to have any privacy. Out the hussy! She loves it.

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