Walt dead ahead Sir!

Should I name and shame?

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the_matelot said:
Now who could this possibly be??? (NSFW) :wink:


Would the guilty party have the courage to out themselves?? Or will it have to be done for them?

Only she can decide....

Top tip, do not fcuking lie. You will, and have been, found out.

you are a moderator TM - or at least that is the meaning I give to those letters of the alphabet underneath your name which obviously has no significance for you - this is pathetic
Matelot whats the script with this?

The link is a picture of a woman with her tits out (and a very nice picture it is too!!) - But in what way does that make her a Walt?

To be honest, if this is a regular Rum Ration punter, then definitely DO NOT put her name against this!! As much as curiosity is getting the better of me, Id still rather protect her identity if its going to cause upset or embarrassment.

What ever happened to looking after our own mate?

In what way is she a Walt?
Has she claimed to have saved the world single handedly, or did she really need a bit of help?

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