Walt, but why????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. My uncle is beyond belief.
    My family originate on my dads side from the land of glens bogs and porridge wogs.
    Perth to be prezact.
    My dads younger brother was unfortunately for him (it seems) born this side of the border. This has never suited him and he is consequently more Scottish than the Scott's.

    Now for the crazy bit.
    As he was born in 1924 he could not go to fight during WW2 until 1943 under the Churchill promise. 19 for combatant duties.
    So on June 6th 1944 he lands on Anzio beach with the Somerset Light Infantry.
    He fights well according to his commanding officer, until after 11 days he is hit by shrapnel from an exploding mortar shell sent to them by the 21st panzer gruppen of the waffen SS.
    He returns to UK long enough to get better and then he's off to Italy to serve on the trains RAMC evacuating wounded from the front line to Naples then later La spezia, until he entered Belsen camp to assist in the evacuation. Job done he's back on the evac trains but by now they are running to the Hook of Holland.

    Quite an impressive and TRUE war record that would suffice most men.

    Shit not my uncle, not Scottish enough.
    I finds out not long back that his war was in fact served with the cameronian highlanders and he marched to the sound of the pipes. He makes no outrageous claims about battle or the such, just the friggin swirling kilt, the pipes and the complete och aye the noo bit.
    Why??? Answers on a postcard to reach me by yesterday forenoon please.
    I mean lets be honest a lot of hagis bummers are in denial but this bugger wants to be one.:-D:laughing2:
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm confused - which is the walt bit?

    The fact that the Anzio landings took place in Jan 44, by 6 Jun the breakout was complete and Rome had been taken?

    The fact that 2SLI were at Cassino and not Anzio?

    The fact that the 21st Panzer Division were in Normandy, not Italy?

    I share your confusion. Mind you my grandfather also landed on Peter beach on 22 Jan 44 and whilst he was very lucid when we were young, towards the end of his life he sort of lost the plot and ended up as mad as a pair of clown's trousers with stories to match.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So, on D-Day he skipped the Normandy thing and stormed a beach in Italy a bit after everyone else. He then had a dust up in Italy with a Germany Unit that was actually in France. After getting wounded he went to Italy and liberated a camp in Germany.

    His geography is a bit suspect, was he an officer?
  4. I always thought that the reason the piper stood up first and led the way was so he would cop it first and the lads could then fight on in peace without the wailing of a castrated cat to bother them!
    It's a joke! for all Scots who are busy unsheathing the claymore for me as I write!
    I never understood the Yanks obsession with playing the pipes at every funeral,out comes the pipes and bloody Amazing Grace gets howled out!
    A decent sea shanty will do me when it comes,no bagpipes!
  5. Aye, at my funeral I want a fucker on an accordion and Jews harp playing the Benny Hill theme tune.

    Fucking bagpipes indeed.
  6. I rather like this one

  7. Right your confusion centers around my typo. Substitute JUNO beach for ANZIO and all will make sense.
    His actual record in my possession shows all the Normandy Italy saga to be true.
    The Walt element is all this Cameroonians crap, and with his service as is I don't understand why he isn't proud of what he did do.
    And yes the 21st Panzer gruppen were their opponents in Normandy and according to my uncle very proud efficient and tough opponents they were.
  8. They had no big flag to show where they were so they could surrender.;-P
  9. Nice little ditty, that folksong !!!
  10. I really like that but it doesn't square with where I want to be deep sixed.
    If I can't have a funeral with a full Spithead review with all Admirals bowing their heads followed by a free issue of Pussers neaters for all then it has to be a Naval gun carriage down the Mall,drawn by six black stallions[well five and a mare in case they get horny] followed by a lavish state funeral and burial in Westminster Abbey in the Military/Musicians corner!
    Not too much to ask for an ex-Rat arsed Ab is it?
  11. I'm a black stallion, but I'm thinking "bollox" to pulling a gun carridge with you on it. Done that been there, its knackering.

  12. Ha Ha Ha!!! :laughing2::laughing2::laughing2::laughing2::laughing2:

    Outed!! Not only is you not a funky n*ggah, but you is a JOCK!!!!! :-D

    PMSL, ROFL, LOL and all the other silly abbreviations! Made my day, pal!!! Doing a Burns Supper this week, want to come?
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  13. Yes we are from up there but we is still nigga, I is Black watch.
    We are from the Mctandori's but the Jamaican side of the family.
    Dragged here in chains.
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  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Nowt wrong with being in the Somerset Light Infantry. Didn't the cameronian highlanders spend most of their war in Burma?

    Just a thought Rummers, it wasn't unusual for a soldier to be wounded and upon recovery get drafted to a completely different regiment. I was chatting to an old cockney fella and he ended up in the Devon's after getting wounded with the Kent regiment I think.
  15. My one and only point in this scenario is why a bloke who has fought at Normandy, even got wounded, then has another hard job clearing out a concentration camp, has to tell everyone he was in the Cameroonian highlanders, just to make himself look Scottish.
    We have a Scott's family name, we come from Perth on the male line, ain't that enough for him? He even tries to affect Scottish expressions in a brummie accent.
  16. That's nearly as bad as speaking Brummie with a West Indian accent, Jock.

  17. Waz you talkin bout.
    I got a humongous bottle of pussers Admiralty strength sittin here Pete saying open me but I am trying to save it for coming "North".
  18. Good lad Steve I'll notify Stirl and look forward to it.
    How come you missed the last word in your quote?


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