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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by NZ_Bootneck, Jul 25, 2008.

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    A word of warning to all RRers regarding RM2Para2RM,
    this 'man' has been outed on a Canadian Military forum as a walt of the first water, well a big timer at the very least.
    His claims to fame are steely eyed Mountain Leader (Duff gen supplied) and Kosovo sniper/scout/Underwater Knife fighter 1st Class ("Ha,ha it was all a joke really."), service in the Canadian Airbourne Forces (Proven false/dubious.).
    He bigs it up with photos of him and some impressionable teenagers dressed as Royals (Unearned Green Lids to the fore) a bit of a saddo really.
    Be warned, don't give him any information regarding your service as it is thought he is using information gained in this manner to verify his stories on other sites.

  2. Fantastic.....he and norm should get along a treat. I cant f***ing wait for him to start LOLing at Bergs.....
  3. I'm feeling very ashamed at biting very easily on the other thread... :(
  4. I'm very ashamed at having brough him in here. I help out him on army.ca, and called in reinforcements from ARRSE and RR for a truly multi-national walt-huntin.

    I publicly apologise for helping unleash this nutjob on RR.
  5. LMFAO.

    Ok, here is one even a HAT just can't google. Who was the Association corps secretary back in 1982?
  6. Dont let your head swell till it bursts.LOL.

    I have been a member of both forums longtime.Even before you found the use for long pants.AARSE! LOL.
  7. Did you pick up this terminology during your special ops down in "Nam"?? Next you will be saying your bestest oppos with smiler the mad Texan kiddie fiddler!!
  8. I obviously missed all the fun and now the link doesn't work.

    Shame - equal rights for all members I say ... in being allowed to take the piss out of these walts.

    SF :biggrin:
  9. No worries Canuck Sapper, it's all part of the 'Fun' of the Internet.
    He'd have found us sooner or later and thanks to you guys we had a head start on sorting him.
  10. i havent been to sea for nearly 4 years now (did do a visit to poland 3 years ago but that was in hotels) - how long is it till i can be called a wafu walt
  11. Haven't you always been called a Wafu Walt?

    Strange, that, eh?
  12. Shag, you have to do punchy phots of you in a cockpit pretending to ground run, then some dagga dagga ones of you "switching to guns", then change into your green beret and para wings from when you was in the Anzac SAS that you cant talk about. No, lets face it, there just isn't enough Xanax and prozac to get you to this space cadets level of walterdom. Its a bit like self imposed martyrdom except you get burnt on the stake of the internets....
  13. Another WALT this time in Aldershot visiting a friend her son has been out in the bad lands with 45.

    Just had to try on the hat which was to small anyway hence the none fastening of the chin strap, much better than the nodding donkey things issued yonks ago. The old para helmet was ok though

  14. Are you trying to Wah about the title of the lid?...that is sooooo not a 'P' helmet
  15. Uurgh! Don't you realise you're supposed to use the toilet paper not your lid! :puke:
  16. I did say the old para helmet did I not. I was quoting the shite helmet from yonks ago if you had worn it you would know what I mean.


    I take all insults as compliments not biting so Feck Off.
  17. :tongue:
  18. Backpacker, you should know by now that Steve would get himself overexcited with the subject of helmets.

    I would say "get a grip", but that would only set him off again.

  19. I was so eggsited myself Streaky like the old tea cosy you have to try it on :bball:
  20. What a beauty of a Mo there Backpacker.

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