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Walt Alert. Bugle and Medals Stolen



OK, OK I'l admit it, it was me. I've been masquerading all this time. My real name is Albert Nortsworthy and I'm a 47 year old bachelor from Penge. I have a mundane job as a librarian and have never even been near an AFCO let alone any MOD establishment, warship or Afghanistan.

Sorry if this disappoints anyone but I thought I'd completely covered my tracks with this one.

Hi Finks :)


War Hero
BBC News - Charge of the Light Brigade bugle stolen in Eastbourne
Will be keeping an eye open for any 18 year old youth playing last post and wearing the medals at any service reunions . Who'd want to nick them, worthless to any collector

Tra la la la lah tra la la la lah. Fuckin things bent. Ah well lets pin the rack on and get down the legion.
I knew this bus pass would get me around more, I fuckin love Eastbourne or whatever it's called.
Then home to e-Bay.
I wondwr if Kahlid and mustaffa have had any luck finding that little cunt yet? I'll give him exploding fuckin beds, if we caught him in it with a white slut it would be his grand finale, the only time a woman with him would think the earth moved.
Snigger snigger snigger ( in arabic).:smile::rr:


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Super Moderator
Actually it was me and I'm giving the bugle back. When I tried to play it down Royal Parade a group of Russian immigrants starting firing cannons at me.


War Hero
Actually it was me and I'm giving the bugle back. When I tried to play it down Royal Parade a group of Russian immigrants starting firing cannons at me.

Well you thought they were Russians.
Good drills Mustapha.:thumleft:
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