Walt Accusations

Nutty said:
mikh said:
if the pooch sees anything that walks or flies (with the exception of people and dogs) she immediately regresses to the hunter, looks very wolf like.

But as for Morag, well i could use a new rug, so if you want to send her, i won't complain.

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In that case sir, i have no option but to accuse you of a 'walter mitty' offence, in regards your claims to the procurement and unnatural relations with the sheep known as Morag on which you want to lay upon in front of the fire, as your they are lacking in corroboration!


Edited to get the type of beastiality correct.
But Polar isn't walting. I've seen pictures of him shagging Morag... OK, he's a bit confused about when to insert his money, but he'll learn!


...there's even a film about it, starring Polar, Nutty and even Mrs Nutty.... o_O



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I must come to a fellow sheep fanciers defence, Pol has on several occasions provided me with sheep 'Handling' advice, all of which has been useful in my nocturnal sheep trialing. Walt indeed! Hurumph!
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