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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by polariod, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. I have noticed in some current and older threads that someone has been accused or given the title “Walt†without any evidence being put forward in open forum by the accuser. To this end I thought I open a thread about Walt Hunting and hopefully give a warning to those who for whatever reason throw out the accusations.

    There have been four occasions where I have, in conjunction with other members, started a Walt Hunt using Internet and other resources and where the initial contact came from RR.

    The first, which was successful involved a young lady who was walting it up in the chat room and leading on some of the younger male members. The evidence took a few weeks to assemble and included gaining access to her Bepo site and acquiring photographs. (She was a looker as it happens).

    The second which also proved to be successful was finalised by another member who had access to more “hands on†information that me. My research provided evidence which although not absolutely conclusive certainly pointed to the accused having an inventive mind!! Once again my evidence took several days if not weeks to accumulate.

    The third involved a member who was given to pervy posts and claimed that he was an office bearer in an ex service persons organisation. His style of posting and some of his claims smacked of “Waltism†so I started probing. The guy gave out, in open forum, the location of the branch of the organisation of which he claimed to hold office. One phone call confirmed that the guy was indeed who and what he claimed to be and certainly no “Waltâ€!! Other members who also were suspicious were very quickly informed of my findings to prevent any other misunderstandings.

    The fourth proved to be the most interesting. Another RR member posted the fact that the suspected Walt was claiming to be a SNCO involved in the training of young recruits and was given, on other websites, to offering to meet members for face to face violence. This fact seemed to me not the sort of behaviour that sould be expected of a SNCO of some year’s service so off I went to snoop. With a great deal of help from the other RR member we obtained access to other websites where the (supposed) SNCO was posting and his behaviour on these sites confirmed the RR members observations of the suspects behaviour and indeed whilst watching these (Footie) sites he was banned from one for posting controversial content!! Video footage, from the net, of this guy performing in a football supporters pub was found but all this proved was that the guy was a passionate footie supporter given to uttering challenges of violence and being controversial but did not prove that he was not a serving SNCO. The breakthrough came when after following up some wee snippets of information available in the public domain photos were found of the suspect in uniform at his place of work. The guy was exactly what he said he was, a Sergeant Instructor in a juniors training establishment and not a “Walt†at all. It goes without saying that all this information was collated over a period of time and was looked at with an open mind.

    I hope the above shows that entitling someone a “Walt†without searching for and providing definitive proof can be a dangerous path to follow.


  2. Good post mate.

    Just to add, use of the term walt is also a bit too easily used. Someone who wants to join Special Forces, or the Security Services or be a PSC in Iraq isnt a walt - its the people that prentend to be that are!!

    Errrrm back to offender number one (my bold) Dont happen to still have the link to her bebo page do you? :thumright:
  3. Sorry Spen this young lady who used multiple personas, some at the same time in the chatroom, locked her Bepo site when she realised it was compromised.

    However check ya PMs

  4. No dramas Pol......Ive got my eyes on another young lady anyway!! :thumright:

    Nice pic though!!
  5. i dare say most if not all of us are 'guilty' of spicing a story up. either to make it that little more interesting, or purely because we were so pissed that is the way we remember it. A classic example of the latter is a Chef on the Glasgow claimed to be in the thick of a bar room brawl in the seamans mission in jebel ali, as his face was a right mess, when in fact he had been practically comatose in a corner during the ruckus with our American brethren, his injuries came when walking back to the ship, he lay down on his side and started 'walking' using his face as a pivot., which to put it mildly we found hilarious until the blood seeping from a number of cuts to his face
  6. I don't have a problem with "gilding the lily" but I do have an aversion to unsubstaniated (s) or unproven accusations mate.

  7. In that case sir, i have no option but to accuse you of a 'walter mitty' offence, in regards your claims to the procurement and unnatural relations with sheep, as your they are lacking in corroboration!
  8. How dare you sirrah!!! I suggest a meeting of our respective collies at a place of your choosing at dawn tomorrow. The fight will be to the death!!

    Pol :dwarf:
  9. Not got a collie, my pooch does not want to round sheep up, she wants to eat them.
  10. No good me sending Morag into the battle zone then!!

  11. if the pooch sees anything that walks or flies (with the exception of people and dogs) she immediately regresses to the hunter, looks very wolf like.

    But as for Morag, well i could use a new rug, so if you want to send her, i won't complain.
  12. Contributor Mode

    In that case sir, i have no option but to accuse you of a 'walter mitty' offence, in regards your claims to the procurement and unnatural relations with the mutt known as Morag on which you want to lay upon in front of the fire, as your they are lacking in corroboration!

  13. Morag is a sheep but apart from that a brilliant reponse sirrah!!!

  14. Edited to get the type of beastiality correct.
  15. But Polar isn't walting. I've seen pictures of him shagging Morag... OK, he's a bit confused about when to insert his money, but he'll learn!


    ...there's even a film about it, starring Polar, Nutty and even Mrs Nutty.... o_O

  16. I must come to a fellow sheep fanciers defence, Pol has on several occasions provided me with sheep 'Handling' advice, all of which has been useful in my nocturnal sheep trialing. Walt indeed! Hurumph!
    (Sheep) Worrier of NZ
  17. Excuse me, but you are making my Shaun distinctly uncomfortable. Come near him and Morag gets it...... :threaten:
  18. Shaun, Shaun FFS hes a ram, I'm not perverted, females only.

    Pol ^_^;

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