Walking with the Wounded-Polar Expedition


Lantern Swinger
We have been asked to let you know about an unsupported Polar expedition to the North Pole in April 2011. The expedition will be rasing funds for disabled and long-term injured service personnel. The team are looking to recruit two servicemen or women, wounded on ops, either serving or recently retired to take part in this 300 mile expedition. TO DATE NO AMPUTEE HAS EVER WALKED UNSUPPORTED TO THE NORTH POLE-The expedition will start towards the end of March 2011. The plan is to walk from the Siberian side of the polar ice cap to the geographical North Pole.  The expedition is expected to take between 25-35 days. Each individual will pull his/her sledge, weighing approximately 100kg.  A full safety and extraction plan will be in place and all walkers will be covered by the expedition insurance.[hr]Click for more information about this job......
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