Walking in a Cameron wonderland..

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. I is black, can I go to Oxford like Mr Cammeroon says I should.
    Or is they still insisting I be academically qualified for entrance?
    What a stupid rule.

    Mr Cameron says its the local authorities fault that folks are not organizing street parties for the Royal wedding.
    In the real world most of us seem to think its because unemployment is rising, we are in recession, money is tight, and most folks would rather pay the rent/mortgage.
    Except in Berkshire it would seem.
  2. My road is having a party for the wedding I am providing my BBQ and garden chairs.
  3. I suppose Shelterbox is providing the temporary accommodation for you then:toothy9:
  4. On a personal note I will be meeting a few old sweats for splicers, but the West Mids generally is not affluent and is one of the worst hit unemployment areas. People just do not have the funds, its nothing to do with town hall red tape or anti Royal. Pure economics.
    You only need read the monthly reports that identify the areas of money spent in the high street. Food is getting dearer, petrol is over the top, and sale of so called luxury goods are down by a reported 40%.
  5. I am only better off this year because I have gone from being in a flat on my own to a house share which nearly halved my outgoings. It is really expensive to live now. Sainsburys wanted £4 for two chicken breasts the other day, so I brought diced turkey thigh for £1.50 instead to do a curry with and they were just as good to be fair.
  6. And the real "good" news is;-
    Netto will cease to exist as from May 6th, having been bought out by Morrison's.
    Netto prices being too competitive, they have implemented the old rule, if you can't compete, destroy.
    Thats fucked any chance of a repeat of the Pussers rum at £10.99 a bottle.
    So reaffirming the myth that if you want to get ahead, get an axe.
  7. Not heard of a Netto before, my nearest one is in Peckham apparently.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2011
  8. Steve,

    Since your dreaded scan I do believe that you have turned into a Finknottle and I thus claim my £0.05.
  9. You only hoard it anyway. 4 Bottles FGS!
  10. Village pub is having a BBQ, as my road is populated by the reapers next vitims i'm a bit worried the ambulance may not get past the tables chairs and bunting to take one away!!!
  11. Royal wedding, when's that then? Not heard of anything being organised up here in Scotland to celebrate.
  12. The country didn't have a day off to celebrate when I got wed, so why DFNL should we celebrate with street parties for someone I don't even know ... and more to the point, doesn't know me??

  13. I think I will spend some time watching the paint dry on my garden shed.More fun than a street party in my road would be, thats for sure
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  14. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Netto is sort of like the Waitrose branch in Beirut. The are mainly oop narth.
  15. Well first of all Bob clock this.
    I attended for the scan which did not transpire. The reason?
    Well because of the latest cuts to staff, although there were two women there, neither was qualified to make the decision as to whether or not I could be scanned.
    Why?...I have two stents, and they were not sure if mine were the type that were allowed. They felt sure they were platinum thus non magnetic, but as no paperwork, no did do.
    Second, the hallowed rum is now in a terrible state. The tide has ebbed, and left the low rum mark at three quarters of a bottle left.
    As for morphing into "Fink", well I do not take that as an insult . He might be a grumpy old fart, and a tad extreme, but his predictions of woe, woe, and thrice times woe are actually being realized where I live.
    Record unemployment, not seen since the slump of the 80's, no prospects of a quick recovery. You can't even sell you're house and move to areas of better prospects, as no one can get a mortgage, not because they don't earn enough, but because no one will lend unless they have deposits of 15/20%.
    Not many first timers walking around with 15 or 20 thousand in their stash.
    I know the trouble was Browns doing, but I feel that this recovery program is trying to do far too much, far two quickly.
    Once industry is lost, it never comes back, you cannot regenerate things that have ceased to exist. The Midlands is turning into a waste land, it used to be called the "workshop of the World". Cameron for all his gum beating is not following the promised path, he keeps telling us he's listening. Yes so did the KGB and the SS. It's when he acts on what he's told that the difference will start, most of the top bodies in the country are warning him away from his NHS reforms, but he knows better.
    The Royal College of Nursing is declared against him, and they usually keep stum, but it's deaf ears. The obvious solution to the health service problem has been known for years, by both the staff and the bureaucrats, but no one has the balls to do it, or the common dog fuck.
    And why would the armed forces look upon him in anymore of a favorable light.
    You can have your Carriers lads....
    Just don't expect any planes for them.
    Thanks for risking your life in Afghanistan,.....now fuck off on the dole.
    Education? course you can have it,........if you can pay.
    We all have to tighten our belts, I for instance will holiday at home and buy British produced goods were possible sayeth the Cameroon.
    Most of my family and friends will be lucky to get a holiday within the foreseeable future, and buy British?...no mate buy the cheapest possible as that's all they can afford.

    I wrote and expressed certain concerns to my MP, turns out he's a glove puppet. He answered exactly NONE of my questions, just waited weeks and weeks and sent me a mix of their latest party political spiel, and the simplified version of the budget.
    Thank yo Mr friggin Martin, when I get a brain I'll be able to respond...durrrr.
    Patronizing Prick.
    Morning rant finished, time for my bowl of gruel, I'm in training in case the gruesome twosome go the five years.

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