Walking Hadrian's Wall

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by Tall_bloke, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone ever done it? Am thinking of doing it this summer, but don't know what the accommodation is like. Is there much available? Apparently you're not allowed to pitch a tent on the trail.
  2. There is an excellent, but basic, camp site at a place called Twice Brewed(!) which is right on the wall.

    There is also a camping and caravan site in Hexham.

    If you base yourself in one of the camp sites, there is a shuttle bus that runs along the route of the wall which you can catch to/from start points etc.

    There is an OS map of the wall, which has loads of v good info on it, in addition to the map itself.


    If you get time, visit the fort at Wallsend and the supply fort at South Shields (Arbeia)

    Enjoy! I did.
  3. Thanks for that, CP. Was actually at Wallsend at the weekend, and that's what has given me the idea to walk the wall. I've seen Twiced Brewed but have never been in there. I'll give it a gander. Thanks again.
  4. Suggest you try this link. There was an excellent map & poster given out with the Sunday Telegraph a few weeks ago if you can get ho;ld of it and a DVD with thethe Monday telegraph all about a week or two ago.


  5. Did you walk the wall or still thinking we walked it a while back.

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