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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scrumpy, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. I have just tried some of those new flavour crisps that are out.

    The Crispy Duck & Hoisin sauce crisps are absolutely vile.

    The Fish and Chip 'flavoured' crisps must have been kept in a prostitutes knickers for a week to get the fishy smell infused into them.

    And the Cajun squirrel tastes like roadkill.


    I have thrown them in the bin, and I am now eating a shit sandwich which is much more tasty
  2. I'd say your description of the 'fish & chips' is a bit polite, never tasted anything like it. :puke:
  3. Yea but what about the bloody chilli and chocolate? what the F is that all about?! They dont even sound nice!
  4. The onion bhaji ones are really nice though. The Builders breakfast ones just taste like fried egg and nothing else. I did try the fish and chips ones, and have to agree with Scrumpy. Now I know why I'm a poof!....Yuk! :puke:
  5. I entered the competition with an awesome flavour.......Cheesey Hammy Eggie :lol:

    I thought I was on to a sure fire winner, but was never chosen. :?:

    Maybe we should petition them :!: :!:
  6. Would have worked, only snag is you mentioned Hammy!! Might upset the majority of Britain!!!
  7. Cheesy eggie doesn't have the same ring.

    Maybe I should of gone for a more acceptable flavour such as Babies Heads
  8. Don't suppose they do sh1t on a raft flavour ?
  9. Now that would be an instant best seller in some circles.
  10. How about Mad Dog Spew flavour?
  11. Babys Heads Flavour? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  12. How about odour de ambulance after a friday night shift!!! 8O 8O
  13. Cheese and Beef more your thing mate? :wink:

    All these new flavours are stinking, it just goes to show though dunnit, we all bought them.
  14. Yes but not in the same mouthful........ :twisted:
  15. :D

    I'm outraged!
  16. 8O

    I'm off to listen to my well thumbed copy of Will Young!! 8O 8O 8O
  17. Ooh, does that mean I'm on the same bus as you now..... :lol:
  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Got to agree with T42, I like the Onion Bhaji ones, though I also thought the duck okay. The chocolate and chilli are disgusting.
  19. Actually entered the comp with the flavour:


    Checked all the previous posts for flavours and found out
    that no other fooka had thought of this one.

    Sent it in, and blow me - they chose another called


    Obviously the word English was too strong, so all I got was
    a made up Photoshopped image of my original idea and a
    voucher for 1 x bag of delicious crisps. They didn't even
    make the photo up right - and called it by the builders version,
    and not the Full English Version.

    Oh well....back to work come Monday.


    Lost out for the chance of a fifty thousand quid 1st prize and
    2% share of the profits of all new flavour crisps sold.

    Do me a favour - don't vote for Builders Breakfast.

    Seen off.....as usual.
  20. I thought that Crispy Duck tasted more like burnt rat..

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