Wales V France

kevrugbyireland said:
look on the bright side its only a "friendly" we have the cocky jammy arrogant gits in our group ,thats France just incase you might be confused
yeah I didn't get the cocky jammy arrogant gits
now if you had said cheese eating, garlic munching surrender monkeys I'd have know what you meant
never mind soon be the ex world champs, no doubt we will be getting the same drivel as the wendy ball boys always talk about 66 .Looking fwd to six nations ,got the dvd from croke park


Lantern Swinger
could b an embarassing defeat again. i had to laff after wales got stuffed against england....... the welsh captain, no shit here, its true in local rag"wales can win the world cup " lol funniest thing i heard since king harold sed watch that fucka with the bow n arrow hell ave someones eye out


Lantern Swinger
Good win on saturday Welshbird. Good win by France as well, 22-9, who was it they beat,
that's right it was England :toilet: :tp: :party: :party:
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