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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Handler, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. News tonight of his arrival, the British commander says that we are in a very different position to when the last lot of bother started. Its only a 6 week detachment for him, no need for the Argies to get excited.
  2. Maybe he could take along weekend and pop over to the mainland for a chukka with the Argies, it would be an excellent spot of PR.

  3. They could have re-started it 18 months after it all finished...I was on the Birmingham down there in 87, and we were mostly shit faced on red death and two year old rancid double D (fuckin tight arsed can man he was) for the whole deployment...radar picket my arse.

    If they had hit us then we would probably have to ask them to give us a couple of hours to sober up with the mess spew bucket first then we can come play
  4. They were indeed days when one should have been proud of being a member of the Royal Navy. And if you weren't proud a drunken 'Senior AB' could beat the shit out of you just to make sure you knew your place.

    Happy days.
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  5. Ya know what.....**** off ya ****
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  6. Oscar Wilde is in the house.

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