Wales Online: "The British Naval Hero, A 'Mystery Ship' And U-boat 83 "

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. "The war medals of a British seafaring hero who took on a German U-Boat are up for sale in Cardiff today – and collectors around the world are trying to snap them up.

    Lieutenant Commander Arthur Lockington was decorated as the captain of a decoy ship used as bait to trap Nazi U-boats.

    The Royal Navy launched a fleet of disguised fishing trawlers and old steamers – named mystery ships or Q-boats – to counter Germany’s submarine threat in WWII.

    When a U-boat surfaced, wooden panels would drop to reveal a fierce armament of four-inch guns and the White Ensign would be hoisted."

    The British naval hero, a 'mystery ship' and U-boat 83 - Wales Online
  2. It is shame the family had to let them go but i hope they got a good price on them.
    Orthough no amount of money will equal the value of the bravery and commitment to duty the medals represent
  3. I agree. It's always a sad day when you see someone's medals up for sale, for whatever reasons. Can't help feeling a little sombre inside.

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  4. If I had the money knocking around or not already ear marked I would buy them and donate to the RN museum. It's a sad sight

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  5. Disgusting that people sell medals, it should be illegal. IF a family want to part with them, then they should be given fair market value by the service(s) concerned, and the medals should then be donated to a museum.

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