Wales Online: "HMS Glamorgan's Casualties To Be Honoured At Long Last"


Lantern Swinger
Former Port Talbot steelworker John Whitton became a hero. The stoker, then aged 19 and at sea for less than a year, swam through flooded corridors to reach bilge pumps.
Still holding his breath underwater he opened the valves allowing water in the upper levels of the Glamorgan to drain out, steadying the ship.
Mr Inskip has previously said: “Without ‘Taff’ Whitton’s help there is every possibility the ship would have gone with much greater loss of life.” But Mr Whitton did not get a medal for his brave action

How on earth can something like this be missed, surely "Taff Whitton's" deeds are in need of recognition, I dont know if he is still with us or has passed over the bar, but even after nearly 30 yrs he should be due something, if not a VC then a GC. Outstanding story of bravery.

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