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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mclark84, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. What are the approximate waiting times for a warfare specialist at the moment?
  2. Ring your AFCO .
  3. From what people have said around 3 years for general service.

    Im going in as WS and been waiting since September 2009.

  4. As Murph said it's approx 36 months for WS as we speak. Meaning that you should enter approx Sep 2012, you should find out you entry date in early 2012 as we normally allocate a term in advance.

  5. just seems to be geting longer and longer these waiting times for this trade

    I thought the waiting time that applies to you is what ever it is after you complete
    the selection process?
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  6. the wait begins on the date you sat the RT. Just because the waiting time is increasing doesn't always mean it's increasing for you. If they told you two yrs from the RT, it should be so. Being told 3 yrs now is for people who have recently sat, or are currently sitting the RT. :)
  7. Don't forget that training spaces may have been reduced post SDSR. That might extend the waiting period beyond what you were told.
  8. i hope so bit of luck ill be defo going in this yr!
  9. Not true - according to my afco, the waiting times that are given out are for everyone, whether they passed yesterday or passed 2 years ago, apart from the latter will have just 1 year left to wait(if it's a 36 month wait)...
  10. it will be a killer having to wait another year!
  11. According to mine, the wait time I was quoted at the RT is what I'l wait
  12. I also got told the wait is from the RT, my CA said it would be the original wait + 6 months for the halt in training, and maybe a couple of months for the slowing of recruitment. For me the original wait was 13 months, but he's told me to expect 24 months, I just hope he's right!
  13. whe i took my RT the waiting time for Ws was 7 months month later it was 24 so i have not got a clue what time applys to me 24 months or 36
  14. go for the safe bet......add em together :p
  15. I've got no idea what the waiting time for my branch is. Might ring up the CA sometime and ask.

    Any ideas on here?
  16. Definately a candidate for firing out of a catapult in boarding actions
  17. He'll have to wait though, there is a long queue already waiting for that ........

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