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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Turbo, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. I rung up the AFCO today as i am wanting to join the Navy after a long time of on and off thinking about whether or not it would be right for me.

    Anyway my option was Medical Assistant General Service or Submariner which ever seemed most needed and they said there was a 20 month waiting list for both!

    Steward Submariner was 6 months the very least.

    I mean are all the forces like that at the moment and is there nothing else you can do but wait it out for 20 months?

  2. If only, there would a whole lot of applicants to get through though 8O

    My waiting time is what it is as i just left school and joined up, nothing I can do either apart from wait it out, If a career in the Royal Navy is what you really want, you will wait.
  3. well said trig, you got an RNAC date yet?
  4. Same here everyones in for a long wait its not just you, ive was told 24 months. but in that time there should be no excuse for me not to be as ready as possible, i just look at it like that.
  5. Not even that to look forward to yet mate. My CA said he would get a date for that sorted out for me when I go for 6month update interview June/ July time. So not long till I get one now i suppose :)
  6. yeh will fly by mate, and speaking to my CA the original waiting times when we applied still count, its just the people behind us that have to wait longer. Im going as AET, wait was 13 months when I applied, now its 20. Apparently I still only have to wait 13 months so happy days. Although others are being told different apparently.

    Hopefully we'll be in service before the new carriers are lol :D
  7. Doubtful mate, as much as I want to believe it.

    If that was the case, Id be starting in october, and as such no date yet. Theres still hope though, could be november. You never know ;)

    Take each day is it comes, even if it does drag by :lol:
  8. I'm the same Yorkie, was 13 when I applied, now 20 and my CA said 13 was the wait I would have!
  9. wanking or crying?
  10. It's like a chicken that can't talk.......... Unclucky
  11. Glad to here someone else has been told the same mate :) when did you do your RT?
  12. Nothing but bullshit comes out of mine, a spade would be better suited.
  13. heya im joining up as MA general service as im a girl so i cant go on the subs unfortunatly :p ha.. the afco have told me up to a 2 year wait till i can get to raleigh.. so its pretty pants... but thats the only thing i am waiting for noww ... a date to join so it a long waiting game!!
    you can go on RNAC which i have in july so that brakes up the wait a bit but i dont think there is anything else you can do apart from wait, and stay fit
    good luck with what ever desicion you make!! :D
  14. I did my RT in February and finished my application process about a fortnight ago, my CA said that if I was very, very lucky I could be looking at the end of the year, but he would predict either a January or February intake for me. How about you?
  15. Hi guys my interview is next week and i am bricking it do you know how many attempts you are allowed and also do you get told on the day if you are succesful.
  16. every one is the same when it comes to the interview mate just do your reasearch and dont mumble and you should be ok
  17. Hi Sam!


    You will be told on the day.

    Good info on the interview here, especially the crucial sixth post, the one by Ninja Stoker.

  18. Went to a Navy presentation last night and spoke to a careers advisor about the Aircraft Handler role.

    On this site it states that the waiting time in approx 14 months but I was told it was one of the longest waiting time... 3 years!

    Gutted because it was the only thing that really interested me... :(
  19. You could alway move to Portsmouth (in Devon) to improve your chances. See here

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