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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by catton01, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Pretty simple question really, does anyone know what the current waiting times are for AET, and ET(ME).

    I've just had my security clearance back as im ex army, been waiting 4 months for that. Just need to book my RT and crack on. Also how long is it roughly between the RT and interviews and pjft?

  2. Dec last year you joined this site......................how many times has this question been asked and answered? Heard of a search button? Even for a potential AET it can`t be too difficult, but what the fukc do I know.
  3. AET: As soon as processed.

    ET (ME): 8 months.
  4. Time between RT and Interview varies between AFCOs and their respective workloads.
  5. Hig, fcuk off. I searched and could'nt find any up to date threads.

    Soleil, thanks for the reply.

    Oh and hig before you reply with some more bulllshit, don't bother. No wonder this site has gone tits up with the likes of arrseholes like you.
  6. It goes tits up because people like you cannot be arsed to look for the information, Do Not Say it does not exist. You guys want everything on a plate, never mind this site going tits up, with people like you joining so is the RN.
  7. I think that is down to the standard of recruits passing out
  8. As i said before i did search and there wasnt any up to date threads on waiting times.

    Since the most recent one said 6 months for ET(ME) not 8 as Soliel said it was, so seems like i asked a relevant question which has now been answered.

    Soliel, i have had a look at that thread just making sure my maths is up to standard pretty confident i will pass, i'll just have to wait and see!
  9. To quote an AFCO advisor

    "we get updates on waiting times every 2 months or so."

    'Nough said.

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