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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Big_e, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. cudnt find much on this so..

    i just passed my pjft on tuesday the 20th and am wondering how long it takes for a joining date or letter of some sort for hms raleigh. the trade a applied for is aet and ive been told it is not a long wait.

    and can anyone give rough waiting times for other trades from the completion of the pjft?

    any help?
  2. The next entries of AET should be about May 2009. Chef of anything on a submarine might get you in quicker, but May is not far off.


  3. SM got in there
  4. is that start date for raleigh?
  5. Yes, Why? Where else do you think you are going to start in the Navy??

    You will only get a place at Raleigh when there is a follow on course for AET, as you go straight from Raleigh to Sultan to start your phase 2 course.

    Your careers advisor will brief you once he/she has bid for you and had an entry date confirmed.


  6. narnia

    thats fair enough, my careers advisor said after my physcometric test that it would only be a few months, did you work out the date just by the cours for AET? how often do ne courses start for AET's?
  7. I think he was originally asking how long to takes to be told your entry date after completing the PJFT, not how long the wait times are to join Raleigh.
  8. personally speaking i passed my pjft in November and i go to Raleigh in Feb

    so only 3 ish months wait, pretty good i thought
  9. You will normally get 2/3 months notice of entry, However, if you are happy to go with shorter notice then it maybe less than that. We are already telling some people who have entry dates in June 2009, but they are in branches who have a lot longer waiting times.



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