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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by HOPPY1403, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Question for Ninja:

    Hi i have now been waiting 6 months for a joining date. Every time i phone the Afco they say 6 month wait then i phone a couple of months later and its a 9 month wait then again its an 18 month wait for Seamen Spec. Can the Afco check the progress of your application and and could they contact whoever deals with apps to get a rough idear.

    I find it annoying all this waiting but hey thats life and it makes me want it even more but it would be nice to know where my app is in progress Catch my drift.
  2. Caught your drift Hoppy, how would Ninja Stoker, on an unofficial site know the answer to that?
  3. I just want to know if the Afco can check where your app is in the line thats all.
  4. Why not ask the AFCO? or am i missing something?
  5. Whats the point higthepig of you answerin my question dont bother replying if you dont have anything decent to say this was for ninja to answer. Thanks
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The current waiting time for Seaman Specialist, as of 18 April, is 10 months from sitting the recruiting test to entry, assuming you pass all stages of selection at the earliest opportunity, without delay passing your test, interview, medical or PJFT. The AFCO can get a rough estimate for you, assuming you have completed all elements of selection and they have bid for an entry date. If you haven't completed the selection process, then it's impossible to guess with any accuracy.

    Waiting times do vary due to the amount of applicants & places available. Sometimes Phase two training courses are cancelled due to lack of successful applicants to fill the course, thus making them prohibitively expensive- the waiting times to start increases accordingly. Sometimes extra couses are added due to a large ammount of applicants & sufficient capacity & funding to run additional couses and the waiting time decreases accordingly.

    Due to the varying training places available, together with many applicants chosing not to join and cancelling applications, it's very difficult to second guess accurate timescales due to fluidity.

    Generally course places are allocated one term ahead, so if you are joining beween September & December, you can usually expect to hear of a provisional entry date before the end of July. Similarly if you are going to start betrween Jan to April, you will normally be notified between September & December.
  7. I would have thought that the first port of call for ANY questions about applications and joining up were best addressed by the Local AFCO.When i went i had a list of questions to ask,ok it sounds a bit anally retentive but thats what the AFCO's are there for!Ninja as good as he is, cant answer specific questions as he has his own workload to cover.Your local AFCO where you originally attended will have all the pertainant info regarding YOU and YOUR application.It might seem to be a short cut by asking for info in here but you would be far better off as Hig says by asking the local AFCO.Hig was only pointing out the obvious!

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