Waiting times for the RN! please help!!!!


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Guess who...

On my continued quest to prove all of you grave dwellers wrong I have only gone and passed my pjft! Interview next...

WOW. You can run 2.4K!! We're so proud of you....Now be a good boy and get back in your box and don't come out again until you have achieved something worthy of note.


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Welch yy. Can you please start a new thread. Something along the lines of Welchyys War and Peace volume II?

My medication wears off before I can wade through all the pages on THIS thread and.as.and......annnnnnnnd

wheres my soup?


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I was away when this thread started but i'm glad i've just read the last 32 pages.

You lot are a bunch of *****. A chap comes on here for advice and regardless of the fact he's chosen to completely ignore it, you lot rip the piss out of him.

I know Welchyy. I was round his hovel the other day and took this picture of him:


You're out of ******* order.


I found this old thread while looking for some info on waiting times (trying desperately to keep myself occupied on during a boring night shift).

I got through all 32 pages and can only say hats off to RR! kept me thoroughly entertained :). I have picked up loads of information from this thread even though it is going against contrary opinion.

1. Manners are very important.
2. Advice may not be what people want to hear, but it is always useful and should be taken on board.
3. A sense of humor is needed and knowledge that bootnecks and matlots rip the piss out of each constantly
4. Sacrificing a cat may help
5. Any one coming on here with a chip on their shoulder, arguing with people who happen to give sound advice or constructive criticism is a Fucktard of the highest order.

Apologies for posting on an old thread (standing by for grammar Nazi's to have a go). Thanks again for showing why RR is invaluable to potential recruits and for making me piss my tighty whites ^^;


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I think this thread deserved a resurrection anyway.

Seeing as its 10 months since that stain last posted on here, I'm guessing he didn't make it through PRMC? As he seems to have boasted about every other stage of his recruitment process!

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