Waiting Time's for Re-sits

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bartman11, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Was in a happy mood, have one exam left then I get a pass mark in Intermediate 1 in Maths.

    Rung my loca AFCO to ask about doing a re-sit once I got my Certificate, but was told I cannot do that for another 8 months..... :cry: :cry: .... worked hard at this, oh well at least I can still study.

    Anyone else in the same boat?
  2. ...What?
  3. Do you mean you took the rt test failed it and are on about resiting it?
  4. I think perhaps the OP is using SCE Intermediate qualifications instead of (English) GCSEs as RN entry qualifications and has not got the marks he was hoping for, or at the level he was hoping for?
  5. I thought he failed his RT first time round, has taken these Maths exams/courses to show the AFCO that he's attempted to imporve his Maths so he can get another chance at the RT without having to wait the full time before you can test again.

  6. Thats what im guessing, could be he got a hairdressing qualification for all we know!
  7. When I sat my first RT I didnt get a good enough Maths score for the trade I wanted, which was Logistics.

    I was told the only trade on offer was WS(s) or the other alternative was to get on a Maths course, pass that course and get a certificate to prove I passed and if I did that I could re-sit after six months.

    I have one more assessment to do and thats me done and passed, a hard slog mixed with working fulltime.

    When I rung my local AFCO today to discuss this they told me that things had changed and now I couldnt re-sit untill february at the earliest.

    Gutting but wanting the Navy is my dream.

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