waiting times for Raliegh?

You've probably heard this question so many times..... but how long on average does it take to join the royal navy? what should i expect?

i have passed all the entrence tests (medical, physical etc) and i am waiting to for my entrance date . i have applied to be a steward.

is there anything in paticular i should prepare for or do?

i'm excited but i want to enter as prepared as possible!

To join as a Std or Logs CS (D) the wait is approx 3 to 4 months from passing your RT test.

Keep working on your fitness (Running, Swimming and general CV fitness)

The AFCO will call you in for a Pre entry briefing about 2 months before your joining date and will give you all your joining instructions.

Hope this helps

Neil - Supermario

The waiting time for WS is again about 3 to 4 months from passing the RT at the moment. But please bear in mind that these are the best guess based on what we know at the moment and these times are subject to change.



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