Waiting times for engineering - surface or submariner?


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I'm applying for engineering technician and am deciding on which path to go down. I am more inclined in going as submariner as I think it looks very interesting and I am well up for the challenge that would come along with it. Still though, I wouldn't mind either and one factor which may sway me is if there is much difference in waiting times (Im 23).

Also when speaking of "fast tracking", how much time is generally cut off? And would previous experience be factored in at all? I'm a qualified motor vehicle technician and right now almost finished my level 4 as a master tech so already have knowledge of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.



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I'm at Raleigh at the moment and I'm currently a ETME however changing to ETME(SM) when I return.

The fast track scheme was explained to us as if you had to apply for it in Phase 2 and take some tests to qualify. The joining process is long enough, probably better focusing on that at the moment.

I'm sure someone could probably explain Project Faraday a little better and I'd be interested in hearing a little more on it as well?


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