Waiting times for Aircrew Intake?


Hi guys,

This is my first ever post, so bare with me, I've done a little search on navy-net for this topic, but I guess my situation is slightly unique, hence the post. Oh and Hello!

My question is, what are the waiting times currently for aircrew who have been told they've passed AIB and have been selected for Aircrew? I know that there are intakes in January, May and September, but a few people seem to have been held for a while before being able to join? I'm trying to figure out what the norm is.

The reason for this is that I am rapidly approaching the age limit, and have been told that September will be my last opportunity to get a place at BRNC (I'll actually even be too old then!). I should be attending AIB approx. end of April.

I understand that it's not necessarily going to help me, and I'm just reacting to hearsay, but it may put my mind at ease!

Any help will be much appreciated.
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I believe for Officer Aircrew it's not so much a matter of waiting times - It's a lot more to do with your AIB and FATs scores, and how they compare to the other Aircrew candidates' for a given BRNC entry.

An April AIB will not be in time for May entry, so you'll be aiming for September.

You may be offered another branch if not selected for your first choice, or there is always the opportunity to join the reserves (RNR) as an officer up until the age of 42 (i think) with an AIB pass alone. There is no direct entry Aircrew branch in the RNR however.


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The age limits are a bit of a variable feast, dependent upon:

Your aptitude scores.
Any previous directly relevant aviation experience (e.g. EFT syllabus completed whilst on UAS) or (unlikely, but has happened) a self-funded CPL / ATPL.
Your AIB (or equivalent) results.
Service Need.

The last trumping the first three by some margin.

If you are clearly a future 1SL and Space Shuttle pilot, the selection boards have a leeway they can apply. Unfortunately for the candidate, they (the selection boards) own the bat, the ball, the nets and the tennis court. You as the selectee will be blissfully unaware.
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If you pass the AIB you will first be invited for an aircrew medical at RAF Cranwell, and then you'll have to wait for the aircrew selection board to sit. This usually happens a couple of months before entry, I think the one for May sat around mid-February. If you pass the medical and get selected then you will be in. You can be put on the reserve list, so that if anyone changes their mind or fails the medical, the next person on the list will be accepted. Hope that makes sense!


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Further to the above, if you budget for 8 to 12 months flash to bang (Recruit Test to entry) to allow for unforseen delays such as the AFCO medical, a place on FATs/AIB and clearing the Initial Aviation Medical Examination, you wont be far wrong.

In my experience, it's best to apply for any RN or RM job about twelve months ahead of the desired entry date. Many people would be surprised to learn how many applicants delay themselves by being inadequately prepared, fitness being one of many reasons for delay.