Waiting times for AET'S help

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JJJ, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. JJJ

    JJJ Midshipman

    Hi new to this just wondering if anyone could help with waiting times for Air Engineering Technician?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    About a year, test to entry for those applying today.
  3. JJJ

    JJJ Midshipman

    okay brilliant thanks have got my interview on Thursday any advice?
  4. Turn up on time preferably sober.
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  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Who? Me or him?
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  6. I wouldn't mention wanting to be one of Gods chosen branch, not until you join up at least

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