Waiting times for AET?


Lantern Swinger
Waiting mate, clearning up my medical up as I was made tmu to do some tests that have all nearly been done so sounds like pjft gets done soonish after that .


Lantern Swinger
So I had my face to face last thursday did all the stuff but I have a dipped chest so I have to have my heart and lung functions checked .Had my ECG monday ,cardiogram next monday hopefully then the spirometry in the same week so Im hoping to get the medical wrapped up in the next two weeks. To be fair all fronts are getting on with it as cardioghrams can take a month+ to get.


Lantern Swinger
Well, that sounds like you're certainly being taken round the houses but medical stuff can take an age!
I hope you hear back soon and are able get your ass to Raleigh! Good luck bud.

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