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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bryan, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. Hey, am in the waiting list for AET,
    I sat the RT in oct 2009 and havent had a date, have been told autumn 2012, due to the 36month waiting list!
    but today i spoke to someone who is at the same AFCO as me, sat either his RT or medical at the same time, and yet, he had a date for july this year and hes going in for the same post as me ?? anyone know anything?? and why?.. looks like im gonna have to wait, but at least it'l be worth it

    ... any replies will be great!!
  2. Better ask your AFCO!

    For me I would say October. But i say that to everybody about everything!!!!!

    Ring AFCO! You know it makes sense.
  3. 250 AET's are being made redundant. Maybe forward you queries to them?
  4. I heard this too, did email my AFCO with the email addressed to my CO but sombody else replied, this was only the other day so was thinking about leaving it a week or so just so i dont seem too naggy! dont want to annoy them really!
    is it just fixed wing AETs that are being made redundant or in general??
  5. Nope, were all ******* doomed to be taken over by some gobshite know it all **** in light blue.
    And email your afco as much as you like Miss Scab.

    I joke.
  6. Cheers Lovie.. willdo :)
  7. All in the same waiting game mate. I'm also AET, been told October time. Sat my RT after you though so who knows how they're allocating places!
  8. Do you mean oct 2012 or this year? I sat RT in jan 2010, I'm a rejoiner though so I don't know if it's different?
  9. thats mad, theyve told be summer next year before, they told me autumn next year.. i dont have a clue whats happening!!
    ill give the AFCO a ring at some point, seems everybody are getting places bar me :) ohh well
  10. You lot are seeing the effects of not having any aircraft.

    Crack on and good luck.
  11. October this year is the estimate I've been given. Not sure if they're just trying to keep me interested or not as it seems everyone else is being told that even though the waiting time was not 3 years when they applied, it still counts for them.
  12. Yep, I've heard the same as smeeg, loosing 250 AETs, only that have been in for at least 2 years or more are in that category. Best to wait till your AFCO suggest a date or try another position & try branch transfer a few years later?
  13. same boat, RT April 2010, afco said medical might be summer this year.
  14. just got a phone call today, apparently i'll be in either jan or feb next year. only weeks before my 30th birthday phew!!
  15. Nice one Pops.... i remember a 3 badge Killick Wafu who was younger than you!!! :-D:-D
  16. I got told my date is October the 16th,i sat the R.T in Sept 09..
  17. Just to avoid disappointment, if you're set on lynx or mk4 seaking theres's very slim chance new AETs are being sent to Yeovilton anymore. Most of those going through Sultan are coming to Culdrose now, but it's not that bad! Good Luck ;-)
  18. When did you sit your RT mate?
  19. Ive been told by about 3 other people now, going in as AET's too, have either sat their RT the same time as me or later and their all getting dates, unsure how the places are being allocated but hopefully, soon my time will come, chin up guys... Patrick.. actually wanted mk4 :(
  20. rt in jan 2010.

    i know i'll be at least 10 years older than most of my raleigh classmates. ho hum.

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