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I have my Selection Interview next month and after that, the medical, fitness and Pre-Royal Navy Course (all provided I pass SI). However, there's a wedding I have been invited to abroad mid-January and I was wondering if it's worth booking a flight for myself, as I don't want it to conflict with my Naval career.

Could anybody shed some light on this, and maybe tell me how long the waiting times might be for CIS? I can miss this wedding of course as I must prioritize my career, but would like to attend if possible. If I pass SI, would I be able to rearrange a different date for my medical, fitness, or PRNC if any of the dates I'm given conflict with the wedding?

I'm aware it's a broad and varied question but it doesn't hurt to ask. Many thanks.


the best person to ask is Ninja_Stoker but as far as im aware, if you get everything smashed and out of the way, its usually a fairly short wait from PRNC to Raleigh. I only had a 3 month wait!
Id recommend not booking anything until you have the final dates. The last thing you want is to book your tickets and find out you have to choose between the navy or the wedding!
If you were that set on the navy, personally Id expect you to get all the earliest dates possible and get the application out of the way as apposed to a wedding. but that's just my preference. Hopefully everything sorts out :)


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Currently it's under 6 months, test to entry for ET(WE) CIS, assuming there are no delays at medical/pjft etc.

Your AFCO are best placed to give more accurate advice in this area as they will be aware of your individual circumstances.

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