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I wonder if anyone could tell me rough waiting times for CIS and WS (EW)? I was considering ET(WE) as a first choice but found out that there is a lower age limit now and I'm turning 29 in April 2012. :pissedoff:

Also I was looking at CT as I already know Russian, but as I'm naturalised British citizen born in Estonia, I guess I won't pass security clearance for CT.
They don't take direct entry for WS(EW), it's just WS. You can express your interest whilst on Phase 2 training as you will be given an EW brief. You may even be put on the course straight after your phase 2, it all depends on if the ship you are joining require you as a EW


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You're looking at about 2.5 years for the jobs listed, but you really need to confirm eligibility, particularly for Warfare trades, with regard current nationality, former nationality, residency etc., via an AFCO.

Best of luck.
Thank you.

Unless requirements haven't changed from those on website - I should be eligible - 7 years residence in the UK, dual British/Estonian citizenship, although I can renounce Estonian citizenship prior to joining.


I would suggest that you have no chance of being cleared DV given your heritage. Ask, try by all means, but I reckon you've got more chance of plaiting shit.
found this info about security clearance and developed vetting:

Developed Vetting (DV) This is the highest level of Security Clearance and is required for people with substantial unsupervised access to TOP SECRET assets, or for working in the intelligence or security agencies. This level of clearance involves Security Check (SC) and, in addition, completion of a (DV) questionnaire, financial checks, checking of references and a detailed interview with a vetting officer. To gain (DV) clearance you will normally have had to have been a resident in the UK for a minimum of 10 years.

Security Check (SC) is for people who have substantial access to SECRET, or occasional access to TOP SECRET assets and information. This level of clearance involves a (BPSS) check plus UK criminal and security checks and a credit check. To gain (SC) clearance you will normally have had to have been a resident in the UK for a minimum of 5 years.

So no CT for me with only 7yrs residence. Should be fine with normal security clearance though.
Yeah, you are probably right. I can't apply before January anyway (I have a chance to finish my unfinished degree by then and apply for the Officer), so in Jan I will just go to AFCO and discuss my options and chances. Seems a waste not to be a CT as I already know language perfectly.


Mate, I'm not being deliberately (and typically) churlish about your clearance and I wish all the very best. Rules about DV are there in writing and perhaps in some circumstances you can be found suitable.

However, CT is essentially SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and that lot exist in a world full of justified paranoia. Do not be surprised if this is not open to you.
I will not be surprised and I'm prepared to look at alternative trade as I cannot really do anything about where I was born. So there is little point moaning about it :)


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CT is only open to direct entants with full British Nationality from birth unfortunately.

Historically there may have been the odd sideways entrant in years gone by, but to manage realistic aspirations, it's best to confirm eligibility via an AFCO sooner rather than later, rather than to assume.

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