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Evening all,

I sat and passed my RT in May 2010 and decided to apply to the RN Submarine Service as a Marine Technician. At the time I was told I should expect a 12 months wait until entry, however as time has gone on that wait has increased and seems to increase every time I speak to my AFCO.

This is a bit frustrating however I do understand that it is inherently unpredictable and will continue to change.

I do want to know however what waits others have had and also what the current waiting times are.

I have my medical 21/07 so it seems my AFCO are progressing me further now but I am still in the dark as to when I could be expecting to actually start at Raleigh.



I'm applying as WS. Sat my RT on the 27th march '10 and got the call saying I'm being processed a few days ago. From what I've gathered from this site the tests are valid for 12 months, with the compulsory RNAC beforehand so it'll be within the year.
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