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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by SWIFTY, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Im looking at joining the navy handing my RT application in to my AFCO on Wednesday, i was looking at joining as a MCD but after reading some forums on the fitness tests to get in has sort of put me off... (saying its as hard or harder than the marines) I was mainly looking at joining as a AET before so i think thats what im going to stick to... I was just wondering if anyone know the current waiting times? it was in the recruiting now section on the RN website dont know if that would have made a difference tho.
  2. Last I heard it was approx 18 months but Supermario or NinjaStokes are the best people to ask.
    Good choice in branch too!
  3. Suppose thats not two bad beings as last time i was in the careers office the seaman specialist is at 5 Years lol! they told me MCD would be 12-18 months, Im not to bothered as its 2 years out of a life long career... just the cuts that are putting me off, dont want to go in an then get made redundant! Would you recommend the AET? how often do you go to sea and travel as thats one of the main selling points for me..
  4. I was told 26 months a few months back.

    Use the search function. Plenty of threads on AET and Wafu life.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's best to talk to your respective AFCO as they will be aware of circumstances unique to the individual which may affect waiting times.

    On average, 26 months is about right from Recruiting Test to entry for applicants starting the process now.
  6. I'm an AET on Merlin, pretty good lifestyle work in a watch pattern of early (7.30-11.30) then late (11.30-22.00) so every other weekend is a "long" weekend ideal if you travel home alot. I've been in for 16 months, not been to sea yet but getting my first front line next year.. I presume its all different for different aircraft but you'll find out once you finish phase 2a from HMS Sultan. Hope this helps and good luck!
  7. Thank you!, how hard is training, Physically and Mentally... im excited already, just a shame ive got such a long wait ahead!
  8. Just be polite & study hard when you have lessons/exams & you'll have no snaggs! You'll keep hearing people say "you're not in the real navy" and it's true untill you get your * branch badge.
  9. Okidokie, Cheers for your help mate
  10. Nah worked there for a week a few months ago, nice place.
  11. You're not in the REAL Navy til you've done an eight-monther shippers!:thefinger:

    Here Fishy Fishy Fishy...........................
  12. Fair one, debating an AED draft next year :\
  13. Whats AED, amateur question i know...?
  14. Helicopter workshops onboard a ship (Ocean/Illustrious)
    ie. AV Workshops, M Workshops etc..
  15. its limbo for AET's, kinda like the land that time forgot. lots of tea and earlychops.

    A mate told me.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For squadron-based AETs, day to day domestic life can be quite different when comparing a sea draft as AED to a draft to a sea-going front-line squadron.

    Generally the front-line seagoing squadron aircraft & maintainers are only on board the ship when it's deployed at sea or overseas, often accommodated in triple bunks in 30 man messes with no food & accommodation charges. When the ship returns to it's UK base port, the aircraft & maintainers usually return to their air station, accommodated very often in single, (sometimes en suite) service accommodation which costs around £140 per month (ish) including Pay As You Dine food charges.

    AED, usually remain accommodated on the ship when in the UK base-port accommodated in less luxurious accommodation, but free from food or rent charges.
  17. Thanks for that info N_S. Ideally I'm after a flight with 829 but the waiting list is quite large & I just want to travel. Only issue with AED for 15 months is it puts pre-LAET taskbook on hold.
  18. Hope you are not waiting for the "new " carriers lol !
  19. Aye! Biggest helicopter platform ever devised lol.

    lop the top off a P&O, bolt on some miniguns and away you go.
  20. Damn right haha!

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