waiting time.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by speppy2316, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. If you have passed the interview, and you are in the system doing your waiting time, so the question is what are you doing to help the time pass?

    Ill go first

    Currently in the process of applying for a 5 month IT apprenticeship.
  2. Passed interview in feb, just been training, working, and training some more, only thing you can do really :thumbup:
  3. Travelling mate. Just done a 3 month tour of Australia and i'll probably go back before i get into the navy. Oh and working of course :p
  4. Passed my RT in March 2009, have just been working and training.
  5. I am just sitting planning to what to do with the spare room when you are gone! Porn palace? Star Trek cinema? Walk in wardrobe?
  6. Now thats waiting in style that Ruby :wink: . Myself am working as a painter and hate it but am just running and training my plums off till may next year , can not wait :)
  7. haha i dont think so im installing a security system into my room
  8. I am working on fitness. Pissing off customers at work for fun and practising cross dressing.
  9. Passed my RT in February. Working as a multi sports coach which is a Job I absolutely adore so I'm one of the few lucky ones that doesn't mind the waiting time as I'm not stuck in a job I hate. Obviously the sooner I get that call, the better, but for now it's all about the road running and strength training. Fitness is definitely a weakness of mine so it's something I'm working on improving.
  10. Basically drinking and fighting with my ex.
  11. Working, training, partying. What else you gonna do whilst in the longest queue in the world!

    Loving every minute though. Gonna love every minute even more from my first day onward.

    Loads of road running, swimming, weights and yoga. Trying to get some languages and maths revision in there but finding it difficult.

    Good luck to you all. Hopefully meet you someday. :)
  12. Winner!
  13. And trying by best not to get arrested - AGAIN!

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