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Hi there, I'm currently in the process of applying for Warfare Officer (surface). Following my triage called I was deemed TMU and after few months of battling with Capita and my GP I was passed through this stage. I understand normally the next stage would be a face to face medical, however, my ACLO informed me that a full medical wouldn't be happening until I had an entry date for BRNC. My ACLO then went on to say that they were waiting for new directives to come through regarding officer candidates. I have followed up on this to no avail so I'm just wondering if anyone on here has any further information on timelines for Warfare Officers and what the process may now look like?

I appreciate due to current circumstances and over subscription the process is taking much longer than it usually would but any info would be greatly appreciated.



They have just closed many of the officer branches because of oversubscription.
Keep at your ACLO for timescales and dates. Competition for BRNC is tough at the minute.
good luck

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