Waiting time to join the Royal Marines

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by muttly, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Good afternoon everyone, my son has thought long & hard about joining the Marines & has decided that he will join as soon as possible, can any one tell me if there is a waiting time because he has been told that he will have to wait 18 months, can anyone help.

    thanks for your help :thumright:
  2. Hi Muttly

    Welcome to Rum Ration.

    One of the RN/RM Recruiting Staff will be along shortly to answer your question.
  3. ok soleil & thank you
  4. The corp are screaming out for men so it will be very quick and if he is under 18 he will not go to war.
  5. oh right thanks a lot specialboat, hes 21 now & knows what hes signing up for
  6. Hi,

    I work in Recruiting, the current waiting times for joining the RM's is about 2/3 months from putting in an application. The potential Royal Marines course take place every week and then they enter approx 4 to 6 weeks later.

    We can adapted the process to move it as quickly as he wants.

    Hope that answers your question

    Neil - SM

  7. Thnx mario that helps a lot, much appreciated

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