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waiting time from sending off AIB forms to AIB date


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Hi guys, I sent off my AIB forms beginning of April(ish) and the AFCO in Peterborough confirmed they got them April 23rd and were putting details onto the computer. I was told by my ACLO i could poss get a date in early July at the earliest, could anyone (ninja maybe wink wink) shed any further light as to when I could expect to receive that glorious letter through the door with my AIB date on it? Thanks guys.


That long? I met my AFCO at the end of April, got the paperwork a week later, sent it back 2 days later and within a fortnight i had my AIB date for the start of June.

Could could always just give your AFCO a call and ask them if they can get an idea of how long it is going to take.
All depends on the candidate, and remember an early AIB is not always a good thing, your best bet is an AIB date that, if you pass, has a year of when you are available [e.g. if you are available from September onwards, and AIB that is just before that September deadline is best because it enables you to be in the pot for a year's worth of entries at BRNC].

My AIB date was two entries before I was available, and had I have taken it later would not have been waiting around for as long as I have!

All the best, and have a fantastic time at the AIB, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Edited to add, usually Boards of similar Career specs are grouped together, e.g. Engineers, Aircrew, Marines and Warfare.


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My AFCO is useless, I have had to chivvy them up several times. Im going for warfare and i said im available any time. Just phoned Peterborough, they are still processing the forms how long do they take FFS?


IB08 said:
My AFCO is useless, I have had to chivvy them up several times. Im going for warfare and i said im available any time. Just phoned Peterborough, they are still processing the forms how long do they take FFS?

i know what you mean Peterborough in my experiance are worse than useless! Just keep ringing them, they will get it done just to shut you up for a while lol it worked for me!


As has been said before it all depends on the candidate and their ACLO. I sent my AIB forms away at the end of February and am still waiting for a firm date. However I have got my FATs in a week and I was told that my AIB date should be about 2-3 weeks after as they are trying to have all aircrew complete theirs before the sept entry.

so the long and short of it is that your date could be anytime, as krellious said his was relatively short mine has been quite long. You just have to get used to the hurry up and wait situation that you find yourself in, just remember: it's character building!! :thumright:


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Ahh thanks dsav, i see your point. I did say that for BRNC entry it was sept onwards, so im guessing that I have to do it sometime this summer to be in the melting point for sept? Im warfare as I said before, i know thats quite a popular branch, i guess that has a bearing on it as well.


I would think so, as from what I gathered they are trying to push the aircrew people through quite quickly for the sept entry as I think it's the main one for them. So I would guess that the majority of AIBs for sept will be aircrew. I don't know whether warfare people have a main entry or whether they can enter at any entry point, that would be one for your ACLO.

Also who have you contacted about your board date?? Is it your aclo or is it Sultan. The guys down at the AIB may have a better idea of when you might be going down there than your aclo would. Just don't contact them too much as I would imagine that they get pretty pissed off with people calling them all the time, maybe once every 3 weeks just to see how it's all going.


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Is there a phone number for Sultan that I could poss call? I only have my AFCOs and Perboroughs. Thanks mate, much appreciated.


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siwarren955 said:
Just got my AIB booked, has anyone recently completed the AIB who would be willing to discuss? Si

Did mine this week: went to Sultan on Sunday, got my congratulations on Tuesday.

The threads in the stickies are pretty good, to be honest, so I'd have a read through those - at least go through AIB Advice- The condensed version (Updated regularly) It's good advice.

It's easier to be positive about it from the happy buzz of a pass, but a few subjective points:-

It's mostly a really good couple of days. The bad parts are the periods of waiting, especially on Day 2 when you're waiting your turn for the Board interview and then trying to eat lunch while awaiting the result: I found I really enjoyed the activities once I got going. Even the PLTs, which I had not looked forward to and felt I did poorly on, were an interesting challenge once I got into it.

Be positive, be cheerful, be a team player. It's often said because it's completely true: make your mark by being clear and being heard (if they can't hear you they can't give you marks), but do so supporting your syndicate, and listen as well as speak. Being assertive is good, steamrollering the others is bad.

Don't get into post-mortems on any part of the Board. You don't get told your marks during the AIB, all you learn is the overall result at the end: you may feel your essay was a bag of rats or that you blundered horribly in the planning exercise. Or, you may be sunnily confident that you absolutely aced your psychometric tests and racked up a gigantic score. Doesn't matter; give each element your best effort, then concentrate on the next one. If you ease off because you're sure you did superbly earlier, or if you give up because you're convinced you've blown it... you'll probably regret it.

Work with your team mates. You're being individually assessed, but your ability to form a working relationship with three strangers to tackle the tasks together is one of the things the Board really want to see. So, get down the Cocked Hat for a pint or two on the first night, spend a little time on the second evening working out some SOPs for the PLTs (like, "don't wait for the leader to tell you, as soon as you get the rope call "Staff, bowline, platform height!") and maybe the planning exercise. Smooth out what you can in advance, get to know each others' styles and strengths: you'll find plenty of other problems to tackle, but if you can get a feel for how each other work you'll do better.

Remember that much of the assessment is about how you cope with setbacks and problems. So, the planning exercise and the PLTs are designed to be difficult and to force you to realise where your plan isn't working, adapt and improvise, think on your feet... if you're sailing cleanly through with no problems, you almost certainly missed something important. None of my group finished our PLTs, only one (not me) got close - he failed, I passed.

If you don't understand anything, ask. You look a lot less daft asking a basic question or confirming a time and rig, than you do being late or showing up in coveralls when you should be in a suit. The staff are there to help you and will do so.

Although you're being tested, and the standards are supposed to be high[1], they'll give you as much of a chance as they can. The Board want to pass you, but they need the evidence to do so. Remember that they're on your side.

That'll do for a start - hope it helps.

[1] Can't be that high - they let me in...


War Hero
If you're refering to the application forms that go to the AIB after your recruiting test, it does seem to be taking a while, however if it's the initial forms before your recruiting test, it seems about right.

Bearing in mind the pre-selection process prior to AIB now involves the Recruiting Test & Sift interview prior to being forwarded to AIB and times vary regionally and by time of year. The volume of joiners increases coming up to graduation, A Levels being completed & GCSE's being completed for ratings. This causes a seasonal "boom" around May.

Generally it should take around 4 weeks from submitting your Officer Information Form to Recruiting Test, then maybe another 3 to 4 weeks to Sift interview, depending how busy your ACLO is. (you can get the ACLO's number from the Careers Office- link below)

If you obtain a good level pass at Interview, you can normally expect and AIB within a couple of months and entry is merit based, depending on the level t which you get put forward for selection from AIB. AIB has reserved pre-bookings at this time of year for RM Officer candidates, Welbeck College candidates, RNR candidates & Overseas applicants.

Hope that helps & good luck!


Lantern Swinger
Ninja I got a very good pass on my interview and was forwarded for AIB immediaately by my ACLO. So i guess in your opinion its taking a while then? Eesh, maybe i should just join the army after all, ive heard it only takes four months.


War Hero
I'd have to say it does seem to be taking a little while unfortunately especially as you've already taken the recruiting test and selection interview. Four to eight weeks before being given a date isn't unheard of though - normally your ACLO tells you the approx wait for notification.

It's probably worth giving your ACLO a call to get an update and check they aren't waiting for references, passport copy or something from you.

If all else fails the Army is certainly an option I suppose & at least you won't get sea-sick crawling around in muddy puddles.

Good luck, let's hope drastic measures aren't called for!


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Ive phoned my ACLO and have left a message on his answering phone, tbh this is all a bit frustrating. You would almost have thought that they didnt want people joining


War Hero
As stated it's the busiest time of the recruiting year & many of the AIB courses are already filled with those who started the process earlier in the year. Do bear in mind even if you are forwarded for selection, you may not get a September entry. Good luck.


Lantern Swinger
Yeah of course ninja, i understand that. I was just a tad bit concerned having not heard anything for a while.
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