Waiting time for Submarine Service?

As the title says, specifically for;
thanks in advance!
I was in my AFCO friday to get my application form. As of writing this I still don't know what to put as all I was told was going SM might "shave a couple of months off" the wait. For me CIS is my first choice of job, but I am also considering Medical Assistant, and I don't know if I should go surface or SM. The wait is crucial to me as I will turn 37 November 2013, I want to at least stand of chance of getting in if I can pass the medical. (dodgy shins a worry at the moment). Both times I have asked on the wait for CIS at my AFCO and they couldn't give me a figure. I am taking my form in tomorrow.


Apply only for what you want to do for a career. If the waiting time is too long, then do something on civvy street; maybe with a stint in the Reserves to get your fix.

There are a number of opportunities which take you out of your chosen Navy Branch and give you different opportunities, but you can't rely on having the requisite aptitude, so don't bother going for a shit trade with a view to transfering.
I am lucky in that I have diverse interests. I get satisfaction from being useful. I like helping people and I like computers, science, languages and solving problems. I have worked in a variety of jobs in the past and volunteered as a first aider. To my naive eyes that makes me a good fit for either CIS or Medical Assistant. While adaptable I am keen to do something I enjoy and that I can excel at, so I would not apply for a job as a marine engineer or in logistics just if it was the fastest way in. But when it comes down to CIS or MA, and surface fleet or SM I really don't know enough about the wait times or what a difference it would make to me in the job. I could really use some input.

I don't have a job at the moment. I am looking for a satisfying career doing something useful (with job security and a pension :grin:) and learning new skills.
Satisfying Career my Arse

Friend , there's no such thing as a satisfying career............. Plunge in and do whatever where 'u can where u're off the streets................


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