Waiting time for Rating after AIB fail

I unfortunatley failed my AIB last week and although i've been offered to re-take it in 12 months I am considering rating entry.

I was wondering whether my waiting time will be significantly cut short because I have passed the RT, fitness and medical and completed the security clearance. I appreciate I would have to be interviewed for my chosen branch but everythingelse is otherwise completed.

I am looking at applying to be a Communications technician.

Thankyou in advance


Lantern Swinger
You have to ask yourself if thats really what you want.

If so, you probably wouldnt of been suited in the wardroom anyway.

But if you really want to be an officer, surely the 12 month wait is worth it
I've known all along what I wanted...and that was to join the Royal Navy.

As a graduate I felt it was natural to try for Officer. I've always considered myself a strong leader, however, my AIB revealed flaws in other areas expected of Officers that I personally feel can't be ammended in twelve months. Therefore, i'd rather look into Rating oppurtunities that interest and challenge me in the same way that I orginally felt a commission would. Don't get me wrong the nice pay difference may of been a factor in my original application, however, it all boils down to my desire to join the service and whether that be as an Officer or rating was never really a factor. As I failed the AIB (after preparing well and giving it my all) I took it as a sign that it was time to try another route.

So you're quite right...as I feel no burning desire to re-apply for Officer at this point in my life maybe I was never destined for the wardroom in the first place.


Lantern Swinger
Sorry to hear you didn't make it through but sounds like you've decided what you want to do and are making the most of it. Better than most who just give up and go for something else not as good. Can I ask what you failed on if it wasn't your leadership skills? I hear that the pass rate has dropped recently, not sure if that is to do with the calibre of candidates or if they're getting tougher as they have more people coming through the door.
Ofcourse yeah. I'd say my planning in general let me down. I made a silly (although fatal) error in the planning of my PLT. Although I apparantley executed my leadership authority in the task my poor plan ruined me from the start and I never really recovered. I struggled with the plannning excercise because I buckled under the pressure of questionning! I apparantley had a strong interview and fitness but the fatal errors I made in all planning involved excercises evidentley sealed my fate.

Two out of the seven of us at my AIB passed. I'm no judge and evidentley have no idea what they're looking for but I felt at least two other applicants were worthy of selection. From my experience with them in PLT and from general conversation anyways. So maybe they are getting tougher, but I have every faith the board are picking the "creme de la creme" and that the Royal Navy is in good hands.


not sure if its correct, but i was told at my AIB breif last week that if you go in as rating and someone spots you as a promising officer you can go for your AIB, may just mean that it is in 12 months but better than waiting in civy street for sometihing that may not happen again (no offence to your ability of course!)

i may find myself in the same situation in a couple of weeks (AIB 5th Oct) but of course going to give it my very best