Waiting time for a warfare officer?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JohnWO, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. When initiaaly ringing the royal navy at the start of my application i got told the wait for warfare officer was around 6months however this seems a little short taking into account some of the waits others have on this forum. I was just wondering if anyone else knows the exact wait times?
  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, John.

    The long, long waiting times which you are reading about are for Rating Entry. Ratings are waiting anything from 12 to 60 months for entry at the moment.

    It's different for Officers. The time it takes a candidate to work through all the stages of an Officer application doesn't include a 'waiting time' as such; it actually reflects the time it takes him/her to work through all the stages of the application, followed by a short wait while he/she waits for his/her intake at BRNC.

    I would say that 6 months is rather a conservative estimate.

    An applicant for Warfare Officer enquiring at an AFCO today could, if eligible, sit the psychometric test later this month or in September. He/she would probably have his/her medical in October and then take the Pre-Joining Fitness Test in October/November. His/her Sift Interview could then be around Christmas/New Year. His/her AIB could then be in February and if successful, he/she could be loaded onto the April intake. This is entirely the decision of the AIB of course. The September intake could also be a possibility. This is a rough example I have put together to help you, but it may not be exactly how it unfolds.

    I would say that an estimate of 9-12 months for the whole thing is a better estimation.
  3. Ok thanks for your insight. Ive got a psychometric test on wednesday so ive already got the ball rolling, just need to make sure i pass each stage.
  4. How old are you? Just trying to gauge something on POC average ages on here....
  5. 22 year old. Just finished my degree
  6. I sent my application in around 2 weeks ago, still aven't heard anything just yet, but i was told around 2 years! :/
  7. Is that for a rating job or officer? I got told around 6 month for officers and 2-4 years for a rating
  8. That sounds like the waiting time for Warfare Specialist to me.
  9. Yes thats what i was thinking. Soleil could you tell me the pass rate for the psychometric test. I know its quite high for an officer and that it as changed somewhat that you need high scores in all four sections
  10. It used to be the case that no minimum score was required in Reasoning or Mechanical Comprehension, and Officers were only required to do well in Literacy and Numeracy, but there has been a recent change meaning that the part scores required for Reasoning, Literacy and Mechanical Comprehension have gone up, so a high overall score is now required.

    Edited to incorporate Ninja's Information further down.
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  11. Thats for job as an officer. The guy i spoke to in the AFCO was a Marine... the RN advisor wasn't in....

    I was looking at the Information Systems Engineering Officer role...
  12. I have a feeling that that has been absorbed into WEO.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Soleil is indeed correct ISO is now WEO. The RN website has not been altered due to the imminent launch of a new website

    Officer Recruiting Test scores, as I only found out myself last week (thanks to Drakey) have increased in Reasoning, Literacy & Mechanical Comprehension, so a high overall score is now required.
  14. Thanks Ninja_Stoker, i wasn't aware but from research they sounded very similar.

    Not to gatecrash your post JohnWo! Sorry! But what timescale should i hear back from the AFCO? Sent my application, but havent had any contact yet from them.

  15. I filled my application out at the careers office on friday and he told me there was still spaces for the psychometric test for the wednesday. I was over the moon i thought it would take at least a couple of weeks. I think it all depends on the time you sign up really and if your local office is full up with others doing the test on the next possible testing day. I imagine it will take no longer than a month for your phsychometric test if you have already filled out the application form.
  16. If you're applying for WEO then you should hear back pretty quickly as it is a shortage area, allegedly top of the list (though my AFCO may have been trying to flatter me...). I've just passed my AIB for WEO having initially applied for Information Systems and will be starting in September (with about 2/3 years seniority less than if IS was still about, grumble) and only got medical clearance to proceed in January.

    As for Alfred's query re age, I was surprised at the AIB by the average age, lots of 24+ year olds, and it was a warfare heavy board. Not sure how that maps out in terms of people on RR though.
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  17. Thats excellent news! I rang the RN recruitment today and passed me onto my local (liverpool) AFCO, they simply said they can't check if they've recieved the application and just to wait i should get a letter in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Good luck anyway, may see you somewhere along the line!
  18. You can ring the AFCO and ask, if you would like to.
  19. To the person starting the thread:

    I started my application for Warfare Officer in November last year - I'm off to the AIB in September, with a look to January intake at BRNC. So, in all, about 12-13 months. However, and I cannot stress this enough, it may be quicker for you. I lost a month and a half due to being deemed temporarily medically unfit due to an old injury that had to go higher for authorisation.

    With regards to the recruit test, make sure you smash it. You will sit at the same time as others who may be applying for ratings and officers alike, so you want to try and stand out from the off - I see you have just finished your degree, so hopefully it should all still be fresh in your mind. PM me if you want any more information, I'll help as much as I can.

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