waiting time after conpleting recruitment process

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Joeyd123, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys, i completed my process about 3 weeks ago now, i was told by my careers officer that i will be in by the end of the year, anyone any idea how long in going to be waiting fir a definite date? Cheers
  2. Depends what trade and things, theres quite a few threads on this forum about waiting times and stuff :) congrats on passing everything, what role have you gone for?
  3. Thanks alot :) set, ive heard there's about a year wait:)
  4. Aet* is what that was meant to say
  5. Ah cool, not long then :D im still an applicant myself- but i think the afco just let you know when they have successfully bidded on a place for you, so could be anytime really you hear of a date.
  6. Yeah thanks bud :) what u going for?
  7. I have almost completed my process just need to do interview. If successful how long roughly would i have to wait ? Im going in as seamen specialist. Thanks
  8. Awesome, i think its about a 1 to 2 year waiting list mate, sonr people are lucky and get in within 6 months, but for the majority of us its a longer wait :) good luck fir interview
  9. hey congrates on passing all the recruitment tests and all. my afco is keeping me in the dark on waiting times and im going in as a WS. last I heard the waiting times for WS was 30 months but getting lots of mixed responses.
  10. Waiting times aren't set in stone so that most likely the reason your AFCO is keeping from giving you a there-about date.

    Take me for example. Yesterday I received a call telling me that my divers assessment is to be brought forward a month, and that I will be doing me PRNC in a couple of weeks, before I do my divers assessment. If everything goes well and I pass then I will be in by October/november this year, where as I was told to expect a start date "early 2014".
  11. Congrats firemonkey! Good news right there. I've been told all kinds of dates, i am guessing just as it keeps changing and there are plenty of variables. I am just making sure i am prepared (fitness wise etc) in case i get a date earlier than expected, but similarly fully prepared to have a loooong wait left.
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  12. When I applied 3 years ago, waiting times were anything from just under 2 years, to 5 years.

    Just get through the reqruitment process, and just forget about it. You could phone up the AFCO every now and then, but they won't forget about you.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Your AFCO can only advise you the approximate wait as indicated from Naval Recruiting HQ in Portsmouth, who determine numbers required, numbers ready to enter (fully completed selection & bid for entry), the numbers leaving and the training budget which determines the training places available for each branch and the priorities of the service. The input & outflow vary from month to month and sometimes intakes of one branch are put back because of the need to increase manning balance in another branch. It's in a permanent state of flux, so 30 months is "best guess" and correct as far as anyone is able to predict.

    Where you may get conflicting messages is that at present, due to the long wait, up to 40% of those allocated an entry date are turning it down due to having found another job in the interim and a variety of other changes in personal circumstances (married, babies, house moves, finding a partner, criminal convictions, injuries, you name it).

    Outwardly, this would suggest the waiting times will decrease ...but only if the outflow of trained individuals exceeds the input of trainees. There lies the crux - the service wants people to serve as long as possible to reduce training costs, but the "average" person only serves around six years. Once the economy picks-up, the wait to join will reduce significantly but at present we're seeing record numbers of people trying to rejoin after discovering the grass maybe wasn't as green as hoped for.

    Ultimately, no-one is deliberately keeping anyone in the dark, but the estimated waiting times will always be a conservative guess to manage realistic aspirations rather than raise false hopes.
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  14. I hope waits don't keep going up as they have done though- i know they cannot offer more places then are available, but still :p
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  15. Just to prove the point. Today I got another call telling me that my PDA has not been moved forward one month but moved forward to the 3rd of July! If passed I will be starting Raleigh in late August, early September. Within a couple of days due to circumstance my wait has been cut down from 18 to 14 months!
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  16. I am disggggustingly jealous but also happy for you :D
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  17. Does anyone happen to know the waiting times for Aircraft Controller, roughly?
  18. Probably a little longer than the arrival of any aircraft ffs.
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