Waiting on medical, what's next?


Before calling the AFCO I was hoping someone would have a rough idea on my question.

I passed selection for AET 2 weeks ago, and now have my medical booked for early may. A good 6 weeks away. I haven't really asked about waiting times yet, I've been so preoccupied with actually passing RT etc I've only really now starting thinking about it. I knew it may be a wait but 6 weeks just for a medical seems like a lifetime away.

Once I've done my medical I presume it's the fitness test. Which could be more waiting. Could I be sitting around until next year to get in?

(I have been applying for jobs since returning to the UK but feels like a catch 22, when all I want to do is start working hard at my new role tomorrow!)
I'm also going in as AET passed my PJFT in January and now waiting for entry dates.

I was told the expected time from completing your RT test to entering H.M.S. Raleigh is just under a year.


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After passing the medical you have 28 days to pass the fitness test. Your Careers Adviser will have told you an approximate start date after your interview - if you've forgotten, give them a ring.

I'd guess Jan/Feb 16 ish.

He never did say anything about start dates. I remember mentioning I wanted to start as soon as possible, but I suppose that's what everyone says :p. Will call today to find out for sure.
From making an application, how long is it [roughly] from start (form) to week 1, phase 1 training? I've been deferred until January so, if I applied again in Jan 16, how long would the joining process take, please? I'm sure this site must have been asked this a few times!
I'm going for AET. I passed my pjft in Nov. Start date is July. Received that 3 weeks ago.

I was told however the waiting list for AET constantly changes so they couldn't give me a reliable estimate for start date when I asked after I passed the RT. Hope that helps.
August last year squigga . It's gonna be different per individual. It wouldn't hurt going in to your local careers office with questions pre loaded and fire away.
That's great sooooo, If I applied the same time as you this year (as last) we'd be looking at a time frame of possibly about July-ish next year. OK then, cool.


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