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Hi was wondering what peoples personal exsperiance on time period from application to Raleigh for warfare specialist.

Have a friend waiting at the moment. put in his application in october and is currently waiting for his rnac and raleigh dates.

Thought i would put it on here see what people know. Thank you in advance for your replys.

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Did his AFCO give a predicted wait time? I know someone who applied Jan 2013 and has a start date for March 2015. The wait time changes and varies as it depends how many people are in front in the queue and how many training places are projected etc. hopefully some warfare applicants will be along to share their wait times.
Cheers r3 he said something about 24 months but he doesnt know exactly, which is the main reason i thought i would come on here and give him some other peoples opinions and see what other warfare specialists experiences are.x

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Warfare Spec, for those applying right now, is about 2 years from initial recruiting test to entry.

Warfare Specialist (Mine Warfare) is about 8 months.

Entry dates are allocated between 6-9 months ahead of the entry date. An RNAC will not usually be booked before an entry date is allocated.

The definite reference source is the individual's AFCO.

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