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Hey guys hows it going? Just wondering what is the current waiting list for Diver is? Current a Marine engineer but wanting to transfer over to the diving. Also do I have to be a scale A to transfer over.

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Currently places on the Phase Two Diver course are filled for the next 20 months. We require less than 40 a year & potential ET(ME)'s can now expect to wait up to a year to join, so waiting times are likely to lengthen rather than shorten in the current economic climate.

If your branch has a surplus of manpower & you can gain manning clearance from the ME Branch Manager, then it maybe requested that you attend a Pre-Entry Diving Acquaint at the DDS, but a transfer cannot be guaranteed. In fact when you joined, you signed a bit of paper stating that you were content with the branch chosen & that you understood there was no possibility of transferring trades. It is therefore possible you may need to complete your Standard Initial Training Period, 2.5 years return of service, submit 12 months notice, then apply to join as a civilian.

Your DO may well advise that you need to be Scale A in order to be recommended by demonstrating the necessary motivation, but it isn't a mandatory requirement for the Diving branch.

Best of luck in your aspirations.