Waiting list


I phoned up today to get a application sent out and we got talking about what I wanted to do, so I mentioned Seaman Specialist he said thats good but there is TWO YEAR waiting list!


He also went on to say alot of jobs have a similar waiting times, does anyone know raughly whats the waiting times are for all careers?

I'm 24 in a couple of months and I really don't want to be waiting around much longer.


Lantern Swinger
Well if its a job you really want, then i'm sure the wait will be worth it. I'm in the same situation, I'm 25 and looking at a two year wait, however, after reading all the posts on here about this, you soon realise it is worth waiting for the job you want, rather than going for one to get you in quick and be stuck in a job you don't like.

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