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I have just completed a maths degree at university and i am extremely interested in becoming a warefare officer, i have done alot of research on the job and application process etc, however, i have heard their is a VERY long waiting list before attending BRNC?

Is this true?

If so what sort of time lengths am i looking at for waiting lists?


Do you mean Warfare Officer?

It can take anywhere between 9 and 18 months depending on a number of factors. You also have to pass the RT, medical, PJFT and AIB before you are considered for a BRNC entry.

A quick search of the forums will probably be able to answer any questions you have.
haha, good spot on the typo, what i meant was assuming i pass RT, Medical, PJFT and AIB how long is wait then? because ive read of people waiting over 2 years
Your AIB is only valid for a year after you have passed. If you get a good enough AIB score you should be looking at the next available intake for your branch.

There are 3 entries to BRNC a year I believe, January, May and September (not too sure about the May one!)

Are you looking at Surface or Submariner?
Currently surface, But maybe submariner, i have heard horror stories of people waiting 36 months for AIB, if so this would put me off, and i may be forced to look at other career options

I think that you may be confusing the waiting lists for entry to HMS Raleigh as a Rating with the time it takes to work through the application process for a candidate who is applying to be an Officer. Ratings are waiting 36 months; some are waiting even longer; you are bound to have read posts on exactly this subject; they are not waiting for an AIB slot, though - they are waiting for a start date for Basic Training.

A potential candidate enquiring now about joining as an Officer would be looking at joining in 2012.
Thanks i think i am confused,

What i am actually asking is roughly how long will process take from me filling in original forms to attending BRNC on average, for me a 12 months odd is perfectly acceptable but was worried after reading post, plus media mentioning cuts etc
As things stand, there is every reason to believe that a potential candidate for Warfare Officer enquiring today could start at BRNC in 2012, providing that he/she passes the RT with a sufficiently good score, is passed as medically fit by the Doctor and passes his/her PJFT and his/her Sift Interview, of course.

Have you finished your finals now? At which University?
Yeah just got results, Have a 1st in maths from Bath, A-level 4 A's, also played professional rugby for a year!! So i thought my application should be fairly strong.

As i said i was put of by people saying that cuts in recruitment has slowed things down so much that people waiting years,

You have been very helpful
You're welcome.

Congratulations on your 1st in Maths. That is an excellent achievement.

Hmmm, a rugby talent?

This might appeal to you then:

Royal Navy Rugby Union - Official Site

On the assumption that you are still up at University, I would suggest touching base with the Royal Navy's Careers Advisors in Bristol. You can drop in whenever suits you, but, if you wish, you can ring in advance and say that you would like to discuss applying to join as a Warfare Officer and asking whether there would be a particularly convenient time to visit them. At a certain stage in their applications, Officer candidates are transferred to the books of the Area Careers Liaison Officer who deals exclusively with Officer candidates - it might be worth visiting on a day when the ACLO is in the office.

All the details for Bristol are here:


You can always ask any questions you may have on Rum Ration, too, of course. There is nothing which can't be answered here.
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Those submitting an application today as a Warefairy Officer could realistically expect a January 2012 entry date, assuming they pass all elements of selection at the first attempt to a satisfactory standard.
Warefare? Is that a new competitor for Mr Tuppers fine product?
Maths boffins up for a challenge should try out as a Schoolie for Royal, that would have to be the worlds hardest job.:slow:

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