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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rwilliams_006, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Heya i am an 18 year old girl and have just joined the navy and im joining as a CT but i can't find any information on how long i'll have to wait to get a date go to Raleigh.
    Also please could someone tell me how long it really takes to become a CPO as a CT and if you transfer to a commitioned officer would i become a Warfare Officer. Please could someone help me?

    p.s lol just for those who don't think i can spell i have changed things just for you
  2. I noticed that you have added to your first post. Only them that knows can answer your question, they will be along shortly, in the meantime have a look through the Newbies Forum, you will be amazed at the stuff in there. Seek and you shall find.
  3. Also, learn to spell, as a CT I imagine COMMUNICATING will be part of your daily job.
  4. Spose you could always shag your way to the top?
  5. Never worked for me .. and not really a good option for the girlies.
    Dont worry youll do ok on merit.
  6. Dumb, do I nead too speel for CIS? Im crap @ it!
  7. Hi, I'm waiting for CT at the moment with the next intake around April or May 09. If you have passedd all other processes and are just waiting for a joining date then i'd imagine, although not 100% that you may be on the next one in May.

    There are lots of threads on CT's in the newbies forum which you will find interesting and very informative. Although we dont really know much about the branch i'd be more than happy to discuss or share the info i have learned over the past months if you want to message me.

    This site is probably the best tool to gain information from but i will warn you that there are people on here with a very negative view on things. I say this because on some of the posts it kind of got 'put off' but very quickly learnt that its their lack of knowledge of the branch aloing with jealously of the specialisation that puts them in that position.

    Stay positive, there is a relatively short wait but its going to be well worth it. Maybe we'll even be on the same intake??

    The best advice i have been given is to work on fitness, this will enable you to enjoy raleigh far more and with everything else just relax and enjoy the life changing experience.....
  8. Thank you for your advice it really helped. Yeah i hope we get to go to Raleigh together then at least i will know someone, what with coming from the North lol.
  9. thats good enough for me!!!
  10. lol whats good enough for you? that i can spell
  11. <sigh> never mind. hopefully you'll find out before you work with 'Booties'
  12. :lol:

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  14. Hi Ya,

    The current waiting time for the CT branch is approx 8 months from the date you sat your RT test.

    If you are good at your job and in the right places then you should get promotion to CPO in about 7 to 9 years. Yes if you transfer to a commissioned rank than you will become a Warfare officer (Intel).

    Hope this helps


  16. Likley hood of you going warfare officer as a ct is very slim as you will not have gained any warfare experiance.
  17. So what would it be then?
  18. Can only guess probably seaman
  19. does anybody know the wait times for weapons engineer?? thanks

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