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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by becky_w_84, May 27, 2009.

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  1. I got given 4th October as my entry for Raleigh but I've rang my AFCO to let them know I'd rather start earlier as i'd prefer not to do basic in the gash British winter. I'm going in as CIS which I know they need atm, whats the chances of me getting an earlier date? Anyone else done the same and how sooner did you go in?
  2. as i'd prefer not to do basic in the gash British winter.

    Take it that you wont like Icelandic waters or going to sea in a bit of roughers then.

    Why not mention that to your AFCO as well?
  3. I did and they were fine. To be honest the main reason I'd rather go sooner is that my job is under threat bcoz of the recession and my hours are getting fewer, and I'm struggling to find other work.
    And civvy street is catwank. And i'm bloody bored!!!!
  4. lol
    To be honest mate there's nothing more you can do than asking your AFCO.
    Ive known a few peoples dates to have been moved forwards however i believe it is rare.
  5. I am unemployed and i go in October 4thy, just work on fitness and hand washing and get fully prepared
  6. Hey scarface. How long after your pjft did you hear back from your AFCO? It takes as long as it take, but i wondering should i ring them etc.
  7. hi there

    I took my PJFT on the 20th April, passed at 11:40, on the 28th april i got a letter through the door stating that i have been given a provisional offer of service for the 4th Oct was pleased

    Provisional Offer means that it has not been full autherised due to security check has not came back yet, only problems would arive if you have anything undeclared, i should get a letter soon

    What are you going in as?

    as am going in as a chef, there isnt a big waiting list for me
  8. So you mentioned that you would not be happy sailing in Icelandic waters or going to sea in a bit of roughers? and your AFCO was fine about that?

    FFS, the Navy that I have loved all of my life has finally hit rock bottom, as I have long suspected, we are turning into a Coastal Force, but, only in good weather.
  9. :wink: Wafus never minded a bit of roughers Hig!!!!! [​IMG]
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I could throw you some extra work. Its easy money and you could do it with your eyes shut.
  11. Don't mind a bit of rough at all :wink:
  12. Lmao, you want in quicker to avoid the winter during training?

    I hope you didn't tell the AFCO that on the phone, I'd of got one of your instructors to make it extra cold just for you during training lol.
  13. Of course I bloody didn't say that to them!
    But I did ask for a manicurist, a tanning booth, a walk-in wardrobe stuffed full of pink clothes, a private parking space for my silver Lexus, a pony, a crown, oh and a male escort on duty 24hrs :wink: :wink: :D :D
  14. I was born and raised on the west coast of Scotland, jumping off piers in Baltic conditions where trunks were luxury items!

    Rugby in Winter where concrete is a more forgiving surface compared to the harrowed fields with their knife-edge ridges.. can still feel the stinging in the baths afterwards :?

    Been through 32 shirts this year due to nipplus erectitis, lost my septum from snapping off frozen snot and finally got windows off the council for my Igloo, having left a patch of skin from my arse on the ice sofa.

    Room temperature causes me to sweat profusely whereupon I fill my breeks with packets of frozen peas 8)
  15. Well the earlier you can get in the better I guess, gets your ass off civi street lol so good luck but to be honest just stick the winter training out it will make you more prepared for when you do your job for real in the cold, and if you don't do it in the cold then it will make your job easier doing it in a comfy temperature :D
  16. I'm kind of in the same boat, passed my PJFT monday but no provisional offer yet however my current job got put at risk last week and I find out in next 30 days if I'm getting the push.

    Would be sweet to know if clearance had been processed as I may be able to "fall on my sword" and pick up a little redundancy cash. Fingers crossed though. Wish I hadn't told the AFCO about needing 2 months notice too!
  17. Ring them up and tell them you're ready at any time like I did.
    I'm desperate to get in, don't care about weather I just wanna go! :D
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Stop getting kicked in the nuts!
  19. Think I will tomorrow :wink:
  20. Can't help it, just opening these silly threads and having a look at these kids with the hand out and the bubble-wrap jammies gives you that feeling :lol:

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