Waiting list for Aircrewman?


Hello all! I have recently applied to become an Aircrewman but was wondering if there is any kind of waiting list for the role as it seems quite desirable? I spoke to the local AFCO and they said as its popular it may be up to 3 years? Anyone know if this is accurate?


Yes, I've finally been accepted after completing the recruitment process. By the time I start phase 1 training it will be two and a half years since I applied.
Does that include waiting for your aircrew medical results as well?


Be prepared It's a long process.
My son passed his Aircrew medical April 2017 and has recently been told he is 'pencilled' in to go to Raleigh January 2019 (will be confirmed six months before) It will be exactly 3 years since his first contact with AFCO by then. He has to have another medical and fitness test before PRNC as it's been so long!
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